Ewbf's cuda miner help

Im using my 2 gtx 1080 for gaming and when im not using the computer for mining. I want to keep them cool so I changed the intensity, but the gpu usage and hashrate are the same.

what are the temps on them you should be aiming for temps around 70 max …another think ewbf has this intensity parameter quite strange since u has been able to decrease the usage just around to 90% when the parameter is set to 1 (64max) at least in past it worked like this i didnt use it for longer time so dont know if they fixed it. in case u are on windows u can use the MSI afterburtner and set lower the power limit to get lower temps . u can try to add --pec parameter to the start.bat as well

Yes, I set it to 1 for a test and the usage has been 87%. Can you suggest me other BTG miner?

i use the DSTM miner as far as i know it didnt use the intensity parameter at all but you can use the
In C - If set, enables temperature controller.The workload of each GPU will be continuously adjusted such that the temperature stays around this value

what type of CPU are you using? keep in mind the AMD will generally be much hotter locally than Intel.

we use graphics cards he use Nvidia 1080 nad i have a bunch of Nvidia 1060 3GB and 6GB

I downlocked my card and now my temps are always lower than 65 so my problem has been resolved. :slight_smile:

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yes, of course you do, but I was referring to the localized temperature emitted by your cpu that affects the air around the graphics cards, unless of course you have them on a separate rack. But I figured that if you had rack mounted cards then you wouldn’t be asking that question. And you’ll find that the 1060 uses much less electricity to perform the same tasks.

cpu during mining dont cross 40 deg :smiley: the cpu usage is minimal in case u dont mine on the cpu that is another story…btw i have several 1060 3 GB tuned chip runs at 2050-2072 mem 4006 on 0.955-0.975 all running under 70 deg with consumption between 84-87 W getting 315-325 sols/s each no

it was something that i’ve remembered from my days of gaming 24/7, intel typically run at about 20deg lower than AMD, plus intel can sustain performance during high GPU demand over years as opposed to months with AMD. I have no affiliation with either of these companies, nor do I sell either products, but I have had many gaming machines with both types. I imagine that hashing takes just as much power as gaming.

well the game changed with ZEN core amds these last AMD chips are quite good for a good pricing and actually wile new Intel chip are allowed to go to 100 deg on 2 cores (95 deg on package) and even throttling is considered as “working as designed” until it wont downclock to 800-1000Mhz
new amds still considering 90 deg and above as overheating and mostly run at lower temps :smiley: on high clock …i am an AMD fan but in my work i test all kinds of setups :smiley:

thats good job ;), i gave up on AMD after the xenon or something about 6 or 7 years ago.they always were much better priced and performed better than intel for a while, until they cooked at 100deg… Maybe I should try a new one on my old Qcore acer case.

:smiley: well i build my self a budged Ryzen R 5 1400 that cpu cost about 100 euros and have 8 threads 4 cores with 16GB RAM and 1060 6GB i run everything on FHD on ultra between 50-60 FPS but u can go also for higher spec options 6/12 or 8/16 core/thread …the only disadvantage is that the ryzens like high speed ram to get the full potential of them

Or if u need something powerfully sever like than u can check the AMD EPYC 7K series 24cores/48 threads or the higher 32/64 threads …that could be actually good at mining but the price is high due ti business segment

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sounds amazing, i have a 1060 spare, might get me started onto something here koso. thanks… :wink:

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