Equihash enable ASIC

Write the same article again.

In the recent zcash Foundation forum,
I think the ASIC of equihash is certain.

And zcash eventually recognized the ASIC.
(Yes, rogerver has a big stake in zcash)

What does the btg team think of ASIC?

ASIC is bad for mining community, we will never allow them.
If there is a confirmed ASIC for equihash, we will switch our algorithm.



thank you very much for your reply.

It is enough to know the team’s thoughts.

I do not think the ZCash position on the response to the ASIC threat is settled - I do see what Zooko is arguing, but there are many opinions, both among their devs and within their community.

The Ethereum response to the ASIC threat is more clear.

All that having been said, this should not have to be said: Bitcoin Gold is opposed to ASICs taking over more of the crypto mining space. After all, the primary reason that Bitcoin Gold exists is to provide a bitcoin-like crypto which is GPU-mineable and is not ASIC-mineable! We are here to provide a “no-ASIC” option and the network effect that come with it.

We’re not ready to commit to any specific action publicly, but you can expect our Community to work against the ASIC threat in a way we feel will be effective.