Empower Your Crypto Community with Hivelance's 1inch Exchange Clone Script

The 1inch Exchange Clone software is a pre-made DEX aggregator software that aids cryptocurrency entrepreneurs in establishing a DeFi Exchange similar to 1inch.

In order to create a DEX exchange with intelligent routing and liquidity aggregation that functions similarly to a 1inch exchange and generates the highest possible revenue streams, use this feature-rich clone script.

With the help of this clone script, you can quickly and cheaply deploy the best DeFi-based DEX aggregator platform.

Top 3 considerations for choosing a 1-inch clone

*This script is an entirely decentralised exchange.
*It can be altered in accordance with the company concept.
*More rapid deployment

Key characteristics of the 1inch Exchange Clone Script


*Supports a wide range of digital wallets
*Multi-chain support
*Admin console
*Admin revenue settings
*Swap history
*User management


*Instant token swapping
*Add liquidity
*Multilingual support
*Referral program

Security characteristics of the script for 1inch Exchange

*Digital wallets with encryption
*Security based on a contract
*Smart contract-secured tokens
*Integration of a secure wallet
*Encryption from end to end

There are additional benefits for cryptocurrency firms in addition to these described aspects. Get in touch with industry professionals for more information and request a FREE LIVE DEMO of the 1inch exchange clone script if you have any specific questions.