ElectrumG Load transaction bug

Load unsigned transaction from text and file (Tools.Load Transaction.From file or From text) return:

ElectrumG was unable to deserialize the transaction:
unpack_from requires a buffer of at least 4 bytes

Any work around for making offline tx signed?

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Is the error happening when loading from file? If so, try pasting the text directly.

Another offline alternative (NOT RECOMMENDED for the typical user):
We have a coinb.in port for BTG - https://h4x3rotab.github.io/coinbin/ (source: https://github.com/h4x3rotab/coinbin).

WARNING: Before using the coinb.in port, make sure you know how to ensure your workstation is safe and that you know how to use the page offline. To sign the TX, you’ll need your private key, and handling a private key always exposes it to risk. Do not even ask ElectrumG for your private key if you don’t know how to handle and use the key safely.

Having said all that, you can definitely use the coinb.in Verify page copy-paste your TX to confirm that the TX is properly formed. Doing this does not require your private key, so it’s less risky. It’s possible that there’s an error in your transaction that’s preventing ElectrumG from parsing it.

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Yes, it is text (pasting directly) and file that return error.
The text is 1370 char long.

Another usigned tx return same error.

It is possible to decode the two uns. BTG tx. using a BTC decoder as https://btc.com/tools/tx/decode

It look fine.

I like to sign offline for protection of the key and use offline computer.

UPDATE: For clarification.

Then I suggest you verify it with h4x’s coinb.in and, assuming it’s decoded properly there, use an offline copy on a secure computer to sign it.

I’m sure that coinb.in work for offline signing; I’ve used it, myself. (h4x is @h4x3rotab, the Bitcoin Gold Lead Developer.)

OK - I will try coinb.in

I can add that the uns tx as text can be loaded in BTC Electrum 3.3.8.

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A small bug that can make some confusing:
The Wallet, https://h4x3rotab.github.io/coinbin/#wallet say BTC in the balance, regardless of the coin selected in setting.

And History link to a Bitcoin explore for BTG…

Did it work for your transaction?

I was try one time more with ElectrumG and Electrumg-3.2.1 work.

My hypothesis is that the issue was because I was use electrumg-3.2-beta-portable.

it would’ve helped, if you would’ve let us know that, from the beginning.
*just a thought…


Were you also using Electrum portable for Bitcoin, or was that working because it was the full version?

And is it possible for you to provide a TX which reproduces this error so that it can go into an Issue on the Github? (Not your original, TX, of course, because of privacy concerns.)


(Ideally, you would open the Issue in Github with all the supporting details, but if you at least provide the necessary info here to reproduce the error, someone else can open the Issue. Either way, the Issue is the way to get the problem eventually fixed.)