ElectrumG 3.2.1 setup stuck


I’ve installed ElectrumG on a Win10 machine and am trying to import addresses to create a watching-only wallet. After I copy the addresses into ElectrumG the “Next” button is grayed out–as in unavailable so I can’t go any further. I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, changing computers all with the same result.
Any suggestions?


Sounds like you try to add an invalid address.

Where did you download ElectrumG?
Can you post the Address?


Hi Wilson. I downloaded it from bitcoingold.org ; I have over 80 addresses from Bitcoin Armory. It doesn’t matter which address I put in–the button is always grayed out–even before I put any address in. BTW these addresses all worked when I put them in the regular version of Electrum for Bitcoin.
Do you use ElectrumG and does it work for you?
Many thanks for you help.


ElectrumG is for BTG not for BTC!
You cannot add BTC addresses.

The button is initially grayed out and becomes active after you enter a valid BTG address.


Oops! Got it now. It works–many thanks.


No problem. you’re welcome.


What’s the handiest converter for going between traditional BTC format and the corresponding address in BTG format?


I think the ledger converter is a handy and trustable source.


i would like to create new wallet
i was create btg wallet at freewallet.org but…its not have private key/pashprase key, i disapointed for that, i sugess they have to create security key too. in other way, i download btgcore but had’n used now.

my ask

  1. whats is different electrumG(btg official) with ellectrum wallet(https://electrum.org)?
  2. i had download bitcoingold core but i hadn’t used it, it said i must to download blockchain 225 GB, it has to big data n used lot of space for me, whats the btg wallet official/electrumG same as btgcore?
  3. whats is the different electrum (for windows)
    a.Standalone Executable (signature)
    b.Windows Installer (signature)
    c.Portable version (signature) (security advice)
    which one the best choice for my instaling that it’s not download blockchain?
  4. why bitcoingold.org not create online btg wallet(it have to private/pashprase key)?

thanks for answer


Electrum is for BTC (Bitcoin)
ElectrumG is for BTG (Bitcoin Gold)

Bitcoin Core currently takes about 206 GB.
Bitcoin Gold Core currently takes about 153 GB.

The Core Wallets download the whole blockchain and do all validation on your computer; these are considered the safest software and the most private - they allow you to use BTC or BTG without trusting someone else’s server.

Electrum and ElectrumG put wallet software on your computer but they only download the block headers, not the whole blocks, so they do not need so much space. However, because they do not hold the whole blocks, when the wallet software needs to check in with the blockchain, it must do so through a server called an ElectrumX server. The Bitcoin Gold organization hosts the ElectrumX servers for ElectrumG.

Try this page:

Online wallets are less safe for users who are not already very technically advanced.