ElectrumG 3.2.1 no sending of coins

Hello! I mined coins on the ElectrumG wallet, there were a lot of small transactions from which my large balance on the wallet was formed. I managed to make one transaction to the exchange of 10 coins, one of 5 coins, and another transaction of 1 coin, and I can’t send anything more, regardless of the amount of the commission. After I enter the password for sending, a sign appears with the inscription signing transaction and no more actions occur. Please tell me can I use a private key to transfer coins to a Bitcoin gold wallet and make one large transaction to the exchange from there? I really hope that you will help me! Thanks!

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You mention you were mining… if we’re talking about many, many small UTXOs, then the total transaction size may be larger than the allowed limit for a transaction.

Look at the Coins tab, here:

If the wallet contains a very large number of very small coin amounts, this may be your problem (I’m speculating.)

If you have 1,000 TXs with 0.001 BTG, your balance is 1 BTG.
But if you try to send 1 BTG, your wallet need to include 1000 TXs as the inputs, and a transaction with that many inputs is simply too big. (This is why Exchanges do not support mining to their wallets from pools; the tiny amounts turn out to be problematic.)

Instead, try sending the coins to yourself in batches; each time you send them to yourself, you’ll be combining many small UTXOs into a single UTXOs.

You can try manually selecting a batch of coins to send to yourself via the coins tab (select several of them, right-click, and hit send), or just try sending a smaller total amount, and the wallet will automatically select a set of coins to combine (you need to choose a small enough total - maybe 0.5, maybe 0.1 BTG… so that the input set is not too large.)

Yes I can send 0.1 coin but I have 340 of them. will I need to make 3400 transactions? is there no other way? can I transfer these coins to another wallet?

You can try:

  1. Export privkeys as JSON
  2. In BTG Core wallet, importmulti the JSON
  3. Run a Rescan on the BTG Core wallet to collect the balances in those UTXOs

But if the problem is that there are 3400 UTXOs, you still have the same problem. There is a max size per Transaction, and you can only bundle so many UTXO inputs into a single transaction.

If you have 500 UTXOs, and if you can fit 50 into one transaction, you’ll need to make 10 transactions to get those UTXOs into 10 outputs instead of 500 outputs. (Or whatever the numbers are.)

Note that I’m assuming you’re running ElectrumG 3.2.1, not something older. Note, also, that I’m not sure this is what’s causing the problem; I’m guessing. You can test by trying to send yourself one or two smaller transactions to combine them.