Do you think Bitcoin is fail?

Bitcoin is amazing and it gradually accepted. However bitcoin had great failures. In your opinion, what it is?

It costs too much to mine.

For example, critics say bitcoin will eventually fail because it just doesn’t work as money. … Shiller says bitcoin will eventually fall into the history’s ash heap of failed , zany experimental currencies, primary because it can never be like money (i.e., currency as we now know it.) Well, it’s not supposed to be. Docsbay**.Net**/the-demise-of-bitcoin-has-been-greatly-exaggerated Guys,maybe we need to read this kind of article and insight into it.

On the other hand, every day more countries recognize crypto as money, so maybe the critics are just saying whatever controversial thing they can in desperate bids to get air time.

Just this month, New Zealand literally recognized Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold as money for salary purposes in their rules for payroll taxes. From their ruling:

Some crypto-assets are designed to function as an alternative to fiat currency in the sense they provide a general-purpose peer-to-peer payment system. Examples are bitcoin, bitcoin Cash (BCH), bitcoin Gold (BTG), and Litecoin (LTC). Some crypto-assets are designed with other functions in addition to use as a currency, but the currency purpose is still a significant one. Ether is a common example of this. The Commissioner’s view is that payment in these types of crypto-assets (where conversion directly into a fiat currency on an exchange is possible) is sufficiently “money-like” to come within the ordinary meaning of salary or wages.