Do you know this site

do you hear that people get BTC coin below website ? I can not believe .
But anyone get BTC coin now . what is this ? is it possible ?
maybe they are hacker for getting some customer information ?

I hope BTG will be not influenced .

The rate of mining SHA256 in browser is incredibly low compared to the current BTC difficulty - so much so that doing it will definitely lose money - the increase in power cost due to your computer doing extra work will be dramatically higher than your BTC earnings.

It’s also possible that they are lying, mining something else, and paying you in a small amount of BTC. It’s also possible that they are using this to entice people into voluntarily making their own computer part of a botnet.

I would stay away.

it is not possible for pc to mine btc as the current difficulty level is to high. May be this app is bot or something bad that collect people pc data and send to somewhere else or share or give access to them.
I will not recommend to ADD in chrome.

thank you for your reply .