I have watched BTG go from top 20 to nearly out of the top 100. Now, it has stopped tracking BTC and is going in the opposite direction. I feel that it could move to a new low price, soon.

I don’t see anything new with the team, other than bug fixes.

I was lucky when QNT came down to nearly the same price as BTG in the last weeks and I swapped 50% of my BTG into QNT, which is dollars ahead again. Maybe I should have swapped all of them.

It seems that we are starting to lose some coins and it is my feeling that BTG may be one of them in the future?

That means lost investment for me and no jobs or bug fixes for the team.

I have always supported BTG as an investment, I don’t think buying more BTG at a lower price will be an investment at this time.

I am sick and tired of the same old rhetoric that makes the claim that you are all different and safe while speaking the same rhetoric and fixes.

What would I like to hear and see in a coin:
One, with low max circulation, is proactive in getting into the stock market for investors before it crashes, has a card that makes it easy for me to trade and pay bills before fiat currencies fail.

What I don’t want to see or hear in a coin:
Most of the hype and marketing BS that you see in most coins connected with ETH, although there are some good ideas as well, like QNT, in my opinion.

While I see the RSI rising and the price doing nothing, there may be a chance the price may breakout to the upside. I would like the team to show something for the support and financial risk.

Thank you for taking the time to write this. I would like some clarification on some of your questions/comments. Are you able to join us on Discord or Telegram?

This way, we can answer your questions one on one.
Look for me on either
Thank you