Difficulty algorithm

Recently, towards Korea’s miningpoolhub.com
The hash power of 300Btg / day comes in according to the time when the difficulty falls, and it repeats it.

This is a huge hash power.

When do you think of the new DAA release?

I know BCH’s D601 DAA.

They compared zcash and other DAA’s
I think the D601 is a very good algorithm to date.

I would like to ask you to choose a good algorithm.
I would appreciate it if you could give us approx. release date.

Thank you

You might find reading this thread useful:

Zawy12 came to his conclusions after extensive analysis and interaction with multiple crypto dev teams, including the BCH’s DAA.

If I understand correctly, the BCH DAA D601 is technically a Simple Moving Average - SMA - algorithm.

now, I heard huge story.

recently, come in huge hash power to btg pool. (appox. over BTG grobal net hash)
perhaps this is an equihash ASIC hash power.

BTG project, is real decentralized??

I think there should be a discussoin on ASIC resistant.

It appears BTG will implement this LWMA algorithm in the next hard fork. h4x3rotab has contributed to the algorithm by providing python code for it and correcting 2 errors I had in my pseudocode. The current algorithm is not performing very well which is my fault. There was a “gotcha” problem in Digishield difficulty algorithm that I was not aware of. BTG follwed my recommendation to change it to a faster-responding simple moving average, but because of a “gotcha” in digishield, my “minor improvement” actually made it worse. The new LWMA will respond faster to hash rate changes than Digishield v3 and have fewer blocks with long delays.


I just saw the code.
And the friendly explanation is so grateful.

Thank you very much zawy! Nomad!