Dedicated Server Hosting by Bitcoin and Altcoins

Hi everyone. I am new at bitcoingold forum. I am glad to be part of it.

I am working for ServerFolio. We are dedicated server hosting company, providing dedicated servers, In Asia, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia etc. Geographical IP location can be confirmed from what is my ip websites.

Users can order dedicated servers and pay us with 15 different crypto currencies (Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ether, StartCoin, TetherUSD, DogeCoin, ReddCoin, PeerCoin, Hyper, StorJX, Nubits, NovaCoin, DigiByte, MintCoin, MasterCoin, CounterParty) via coinpayments. We will be supporting BitcoinGold very soon.

Once again, Hi everyone. Glad to be part of bitcoingold forums.

Hello, next time why not try waiting until you support BTG before posting about your service here, thank you.


Glad to hear it - safe to say you’ll be on board right after the Upgrade?


Actually coinpayments (the payment processor) does support BTG but does not provide with extra functionality for conversion to other currencies for example to BTC. We are working with them to get this feature and hopefully it will happen soon.