Decentralization 1 pool over 50%

I understand (and share) your concern - but I also don’t want to over-react to short-term market events. Bear in mind that miners can easily leave MPH at any time, and as far as I know, they don’t actually run a mining farm.

Yes, it’s looking like that will be necessary. What other pools offer an Asian IP? I still suspect a lot of their popularity comes from a smart decision to support the Asian mining market.

That’s going to be a tough sell - bear in mind that the 0.9% they charge is not just for BTG; that’s what they charge for all their pools.

The alternative is for the other pools to lower their mining fees, to offer better service, to market themselves better… they also need to compete.

Note: the Network Hashrate that shows is not the same number reported by any other pool I see; all other pools match the hashrate chart show at Zsolo.

Of course, if the hashrate is really 1.688 right now, then MPH’s share is way over 50%.

On the other hand, if the reporting on is correct, they’re accounting for 110% of the power out there. We definitely have reporting problems confounding the issue (which, again, is an issue we’re all concerned about.)

Note; it looks like’s reported numbers for MPH, suprnova, and do match what each of those pools is currently reporting.

yes i noticed i have asked in the mining section of discord … joseph sagest it is because of the 2 pools with wrong/blocked API same as you marked in the pictures

but ether way if it will go like this MPH will have constantly over 50 no matter the fluctuating global hashrate that we have now
It would be not really pleasant to relive the same situation that happen in the beginning with suprnova

anyway thank you for looking into it and clearing few thinks.
Maybe the asian branch of the community could a little bit more advertise the importance of decentralization?

The non-reporting pools would explain why the miningpoolstats total is less than the Network Hashrate… but it would not explain why the miningpoolstats is greater than the Network Hashrate.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m new here, but just moved 829.91 S/s Average Hashrate from MPH to 2miners, guess everything helps :slight_smile:


It absolutely does - all the little bits add up!



now not showing pool fees on miningpoolstats ?

strange i still see them

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It depends how wide your window is - if you make it more narrow, it hides the Fee and the Bock Height.

Meanwhile - did you notice that and dropped to 0% fee? I don’t know how long they plan to do that. Will be interesting to see if they move up the rankings.


we should be self aware as miners and spread the decentralization and not centralize in one pool

because the pool has 0.1% lower fees than others . .