Cryptocoin Wallet offer profits each hour. Trade Hash Mining. Trade 17+ Coins


Cryptocoin Wallet that pays profits if you stock coins. Earn profits each hour.
Why use another wallet if we pay you to use MyCoins?
Use 6 Cryptocoins in our wallet (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Futurocoin, Dash and QTUM) and you will receive profits each hour in your CryptoWallet. Use our wallet to receive and send your favorites coins.

Enjoy a trade bonus of 1.30% from your total Trades. We will pay back 1.30% from your total Trade Balance on 01/08/2019. So dont lose time and start trade now. ->

How it Works?
It’s very simple. Just use our wallet to receive/send BTC,DOGE,LTC,FTO,DASH or QTUM. When you receive the coins and hold them in your balance, you will receive the profit from your total balance every hour. If you spend your coins and if your balance reaches below 0.000001, you will not receive any more profits until you have more than 0.000001 in your wallet again. The balance of profits will be managed on a separate balance and you can withdraw when you reach the minimum allowed for withdraw (each coin have the mininum and you can check on your Office).

ICO Program!
You can invest by buying our ICO Tokens and we offer bitcoin profits in your wallet every 20 minutes. You can also earn free ICO Tokens getting referrals, and when your referral makes a deposit to the Trade Coin balance or when someone visit your referral link. You will earn 0.025 ICO tokens for each active referral signup, 0.07 ICO Tokens each time your referral made a deposit on tradable balance and 0.00000814 ICO Tokens each time a visitor come from your referral link.

Power Mining Hash Profitable.
Trade your coins with our Mining Power Hash and receive a guaranted profit in each 20 minutes. No hidden fees, no hidden maintenance fees. It’s a pure profit.
You can trade your Power Hash in any time you like. Need more Power hash or the price is good? Buy. Don’t wish to continue mining, the price is good or need money for another business? Sell.

Friendly, One-Click Exchange (TRADE).