COSS Exchange - First Of Its Kind In Singapore

As a Singaporean myself definitely supporting this Singapore Exchange! The first of its kind offering a wide variety of services.

COSS Community Announcement: Vote for COSS to be listed on Exchange

COSS has been featured in the New Coin Listing Competition, this is your chance to grow the market cap and liquidity pool of COSS.

Support coin by voting now, voting ends in 9 days. All you need to do is register with your email that takes less than 2 mins of your time.

I have also written to COSS exchange to request BTG to be listed and will continue writing in till they do it.

BTG community lets all write in and request BTG to be listed on this exchange.


Hey Yassin, thanks for your support and also for taking the initiative to contact the exchange. We are happy to know that Singapore has joined the global crypto space. At the current time, BTG is listed in 40 exchanges and we welcome any other that is willing to add support. We are more than happy to provide help with the integration.


Hi bro…

Love BTG and have been there since day 1… you guys have gone through alot… BTG team kept its head down and kept working hard to bring BTG to this level of success… I follow other coins too and the updates that you guys do and the effort that the BTG team puts in is amazing… BTG has achieved so much in such little time… Keep it going… :+1:

Writing in to exchanges is the least I can do… :slight_smile:

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