Core wallet bitcoin-gold-0.15.2 noob questions


Hello everyone , I am new to BTG and I downloaded the wallet on linux. everything went smoothly and I ran it and downloaded the blockchain .

I have two questions .
in which folder the blockchain is stored ?
and the backup crates a DAT file , but where are the keys in case I don’t have the DAT ?


Hey their mate, It’s possible to export your private key for each address you have created in core so i would recommend only use one for receiving or you will need to export your private key for each address. To export your private key for say keeping (Write it down and never share it) Go into the debug menu in core Under the “help tab” and type “dumpprivkey” (Followed by your wallet address)

Best of luck mate and if you need any more help feel free to contact us on telegram discord or by email at [email protected]


Thank you very much . that was a quick answer :slight_smile: