CoinDCX clone script- Create a crypto exchange like CoinDCX

People in India are becoming interested in cryptocurrencies. It is because of the huge returns and blockchain technology behind it. CoinDCX is one of the top crypto exchanges being used in India because of its excellent UI and customer support. It is the fastest-growing crypto exchange.

Many entrepreneurs aspire to create such exchanges because of the excellent revenue-generating methods. Some of them are listing fees and deposit fees and withdrawal fees. Creating a crypto exchange has infinite potential to gain revenue.

If you want to create a crypto exchange like coinDCX, there are two popular methods. The first is the development from scratch and the other is the CoinDCX clone script. Stay here, I will tell you the merits and demerits of both methods. It will solve all your confusion instantly.

Development from scratch is a very expensive method that takes the involvement of blockchain developers and testers. It can take up to a year in the process and it is not an effective development method. It is only used by high-budget companies like Binance and coinbase.

To overcome this problem, there is an excellent solution called the CoinDCX clone script, it is nothing but a clone software that is free from errors and bugs. It is highly scalable and it is a cost-effective solution that helps you build a crypto exchange like CoinDCX instantly.

Let’s see the excellent benefits and features of the CoinDCX clone script.

Features of the CoinDCX clone script:

  • Order Book Trading Model
  • Live Price Chart
  • Crypto Payment Gateway Integration
  • Margin Trading
  • Excellent user dashboard
  • Excellent admin dashboard
  • OTC trading
  • Third-Party Crypto Wallet Integration
  • Multiple Fiat Support
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • KYC and AML Integration
  • Crypto Referral Program

Benefits of the CoinDCX clone software:

  • Highly scalable
  • Cost-effective
  • Quicker deployment
  • Bug-free
  • Secure
  • Multiple revenue-generating ways.

I hope you have got my point on why choosing the CoinDCX clone script is a better solution than development from scratch.

To buy the coinDCXclone script, you must approach a professional crypto exchange development company that is effective in providing such services. I have found a company that is effective in providing such services-CoinsClone.

They have a team of well-experienced blockchain developers who can execute the task in less time and are very effective in providing instant delivery on time.

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