Claiming Bitcoin Gold

Hi community,

i am not a hardcore user, but just curious about cryptocurrencies. I am a little in mining, not very serious, but already two or three years long. Collected some BTC.

Now my problem: I hold my BTC on coinbase, which was in the early beginning more a wallet than an exchange. Anyway: at the time of the fork, they were at coinbase. Coinbase does not - and probably will not - support BTG. I will now purchase a hardware wallet, which supports BTG.

I would like to claim my forked BTG. How can i do this ?


You must ask for coinbase to include btg!!!


Yes it’s true. Coinbase is in charge of all the Bitcoin Gold from the October snapshot. It is up to them to distribute it to their users. If they decide not to, then there is no way for you to retrieve your funds.

The reason for this is Coinbase does not provide private keys for its users, this makes it impossible to export your wallet to somewhere else to claim your Bitcoin Gold.


Yes BTG ABOVE $1000 in 2018

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You’ll need join with others in approaching Coinbase to make it happen.

If you had your BTC in your own wallet - one where you control the private keys and are responsible for the security of those keys - you would be able to gain access to your BTG whenever you liked.

Coin held at Coinbase are in what’s called a “custodial wallet.” Coinbase has custody of the private keys and manages the security, and you simply log into their service to tell them what to do on your behalf. You’re trusting them to handle certain things for you, which can be convenient, and for people who are careless, can be more secure than handling private keys yourself… but you give up custody and direct control over your own coins. Because of this, you and others like you are dependent on Coinbase to give you access to your BTG.

Coinbase is a for-profit company that is sensitive to customer desires and demands. I’m fairly sure that if a large enough chorus of their customers’ voices were asking for BTG, Coinbase would make it happen. There’s absolutely not reason that they couldn’t.


Hi Ed,

thanks for your helpful statement.

I for sure will get in contact with coinbase. But for the moment, they are even not reachable for those topics (support team under heavy load…).

Can you provide me with a valid helpful email adress I can write to ?

Can I remove my coins from coinbase and even get my BTG if Coinbase decides to support BTG later on ? Or are the private keys which give access to the BTG lost, when I remove my coins now ?

Coinbase argues that BTG is not secure because the source code (or parts of) is not public.
How do you see this ?

If we had any unpublished emails to staff at Coinbase, it would be inappropriate to publish them.

I believe the answer is yes, but that’s a policy question for Coinbase. Generally, split distributions are determined based on holdings at the time of the split.

Again, the answer is typically “no.” Your addresses remain associated to your account even if you withdraw your funds and stop using their services. But, again, this is a policy question for Coinbase.

In general practice, an exchange holds a minority of their funds in hot wallets. Any deposits/withdrawal you make are going through hot wallets. The bulk of their funds are actually held in cold wallets, and they manage how much to keep in the hot versus cold wallets depending on daily flows.

This is why exchange withdrawal requests sometimes take a little while to approve - if it’s a small withdrawal and the hot wallet is flush, it can happen quickly. But if it’s a huge withdrawal or the hot wallet is depleted, it may take time before funds can be shifted and the withdrawal approved. (This is on top of all the security layers involved in authenticating and securing the actual transfer.)

This also means that the effects of a split or fork can’t be calculated based on holdings in your specific deposit address - they must be calculated based on the total the Coinbase has allocated to your overall account holdings.

This is completely false. I suspect you’re referring to an old statement made before our launch on November 12th, 2017. All source code for everything has continuously been entirely public since Launch; this is independently verifiable, so any statement otherwise is completely false.

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Got this.

Ed, i didn’t want you to publish any confidential or private mails from Coinbase.
I just need a legal email adress where i can write to.

Coinbase’ support team is actually “under heavy load” and they refuse support to topics which are not related to late payments and paypal (as stated on their support site)

Can someone on the forum help with that ?

To be fair, they do not say they are refusing support other than those topics; they say they are prioritizing those topcs. The sooner you get your query in, the sooner you can get an answer.

The only addresses I see publicly on their site:

I do not know if emails to support simply go into their support queue, or are processed separately.

You mention a “legal” address - I’m not sure if you mean to reach their legal team. I don’t have information on that, but they do provide their list of state licenses:

They also have phone support, but I don’t know if they’ll answer your specific question; phone support does exclude all issues except for a few specific ones:

Phone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year:

+1 (888) 908-7930

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am a long term customer of Coinbase and I am holding a considerable amount BTC at coinbase.

As the hardforks of BCH and BTG were announced, I was certainly convinced that you will support both new coins.
At least you did with BCH.

The one argument you stated was that the Bitcoin Gold code is not available to the public. This is - by now - not true.

Your surely understand that I do not want to have my BTG lost.The actual value to one BTG is $116.87 by feb 12th.

What is your position according BTG now ? Can we expect a support at Coinbase ?

If not, what are your suggestions, how we can proceed not to loose my money ?

I am pretty sure, that this is an important question, with a rising value of BTG on the markets .

Look forward to hear from you!



Above statement is my mail to Coinbase…

Let`s wait and see. At least we were starting to discuss this with them.

Any other users out there with the same problem ?


Thats exciting, please keep us updated should you receive a reponse, thanks!

Every Coinbase user who held Bitcoin on their system on October 24th, 2017, is in the same situation as you are, as far as being unable to access their Bitcoin Gold. I do not, however, think many of them wrote a message to Coinbase, as you have.

Hi, for the BCT - BTG claim does the Bitcoin Gold version v0.15.0.2 allow the import of original BTC Private Keys into the wallet for conversion into BTG?

Yes, it does.

As always when handling private keys, you need to make sure your download is correct (check the hash) and make sure the machine on which you’re working is safe. Ideally, your machine will not be connected to any network while you work with your private keys.

Also, if you’re going to access your new coins manually, best practice to protect all your coins after a fork is as follows:

  1. Handle the BTC side:
    a. Create a new (empty) wallet address for BTC.
    b. Move your BTC out of the forked address and into the new address.

  2. Handle the private keys:
    a. Export the private keys for the forked address from the old BTC software.
    b. In the new wallet software for BTG, import your private keys for the forked address.

  3. Handle the BTG side:
    a. Create a new (empty) address for BTG in the new wallet software.
    b. Move the forked coins into the new wallet address.

Why do it this way?

In step (2) above, you handle your private keys. When you handle your private keys, there’s some risk - perhaps slight - that they’ll get exposed. Those private keys give access to both your old BTC wallet and access to the forked BTG wallet. For that reason, any time you’ve handled private keys, it’s best to move the coins out of those addresses into safer ones.

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I had btc on electrum wallet how can I get forket btg

Gentlemen (any Ladies here,too ?)),
a short update from me ybout Coinbase.

After several standard answers and after several repeated mails to them, I got now a statement from a real human)))), as follows:
Hi again,

We do not support Bitcoin Gold, sorry!

The Coinbase Team

which i answered:


I have the feeling, that you even did not read my message. Any standard
answer is not appreciated nor accepted.


At the time of the Bitcoin Gold Fork i hold a considerable amount of BTC
in my coinbase account.
I expected to participate on this fork as with Bitcoin Cash.

By now, the Bitcoin Gold code is public, your arguments against any
support ot BTG due to security reasons are void.

If you decide not to support BTG then export my private keys, that I on
my own can participate on the fork.

I do not see any reason not to cooperate this way. I am ready to pay you
a fee for your service.

Look forward to have a qualified reaction on my request!

Let’s see what’s coming next…


Looking forward to it - keep it up! Sometimes it takes many voices to get heard.

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Hi folks,

after a lot of writing with Coinbase, I got finally this message from them:

Your request is denied.

Let us know if you need any assistance on your account not related to the Bitcoin Gold or other forks. I’m happy to help!

This is what I expected, but nevertheless: who cares about where our Bitcoin Gold has gone ?

If somebody is interested in the complete email exchange, let me know.

There is much more support from user side needed to move Coinbase.

Hi bro!

I have written in to coinbase on 2 occasions too… first time in December last year which they replied in a generic way then this recent one which had a ‘human’ response.

It wasn’t positive but i think it wasn’t negative either. They have been employing more employees for their customer support department and i think have a better handle of things now then before… probably why i got a better response from them this time round… or maybe… just maybe… they might already be getting many similar requests and are seriously considering BTG but are not ready to send out any positive news for fear of repeating what happened to the insider trading with BCH… these are just my thoughts… :slight_smile:
by the way am no rich guy and only have 1.10 BTC but 1 additional BTG is additional investment and money to me too… :slight_smile:

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