Claiming Bitcoin Gold Fork?

Hi. I see this is a bitcoin gold forum. I had btc in electrum at the time when every single bitcoin fork happened.

A while later, I moved my btc from electrum to a nano ledger. This was when all bitcon forks happened already. I then later claimed my BCH by downloading electroncash on the computer by typing in my electrum seed. Once I did that, my BCH showed up in electroncash and I sent the BCH to my nano ledger.

I have yet to claim my bitcoin SV or gold. I was told best to claim higher value ones first right? So I should go with bitcoin SV first? I heard you are suppose to download electrumSV wallet and all you have to do is input the electrum seed and your Bitcoin SV would be there? But if I want to store keep my electrumSV and not sell it, is it safe to keep the bitcoinSV there? I am downloading this wallet on another computer and not my main computer. Would it be safe to keep bitcoinSV on electrumSV long term on a computer?

For bitcoin gold, I was told a while back you use coinomi on android or iphone. But it would require you to sweep? I don’t understand the sweeping part. So could you explain this? I thought I would just input my electrum seed in coinomi and it would work or its more complicated? I also heard you could also download electrumG and that would work as well. You would only need to enter your electrum seed in it and your bitcoin gold would be there. Then you could send the bitcoin gold to your nano ledger. Is it that simple with electrumG or not?

I also heard you have to be concerned about replay protection. But I heard this doesn’t concern me in my situation? Because with BCH, I had moved the BCH from electroncash to nano ledger? What about bitcoin gold? What I want to do is claim both of these so then I don’t have to care about my electrum seed anymore. Best way to handle this process?