Centralization and the dangers of asic BTC,BTCH


From the current ongoing war of words and the threats that are flying around from Craig Wright and Jihan Wu, and taking in consideration latest value plunge. It became clear to me that Asics combined with current POW version of Cryptocurrencies are what is going to bring down the system.

is the community here watching closely the ongoing war? what do you think? do you believe that current zhash algo is the end of the road and we use it till a new asic pops up then we change it? what are the future plans to eliminate such a possibility? is POS on the table?

I was just wondering about peoples and devs opinions here. from what I see around I get convinced by the day that the BTG algo change was the best thing that happened, but what are the future plans.
imo this 51% headache needs to be eliminated.


this is my opinion.

i think the btg staff have think that.

if we keep to asic resistent people can watch us, by me, zhash not the end of road, when the asic have found at zhash btg…we can change the algorithm, i believe other people still research asic to zhash 144.5(btg). if they found asic zhash 144.5, we must chance algoritm … thats is real war, not only war of word.

coin itsn’t only just a coin, but something that we/people trust and believe and have values.
i m not have much btg (just 0.07 btg from mining, i tried many pool get best performance with my old gpu yet) but i believe, trust, proud and enjoy have thats. the money isnot only for all, although we live need the money.
at begining i was mined a monero, but when news of btg being headline at internet (when asic equihash launch and btg change to 144.5) made me interested for btg, and i read n learn thats…my question at that timed … why the btg? whats hapen btg? whats the secret of btg? so i guess thats there’s someting in btg.

when btg had 51% attack…my question is… why they attack the btg? not others coin? (have you think about thats?), but it’s give the btg team learning how to against 51% attack and give more security for coin.
by me…i intersted and like btg coin, theres someting in this coin.

we must convince, proud, trust and believe…thats the values power of coin.
the end my word…we can’t have all of btg coin, but with have one pieces of the btg coin…we have being apart of btg.

@dbfushion…did u enjoy,proud n please have btg?

BTG was attacked because dev’s tweeted on bitmain account that it will not be minable with asic.
it was a direct act of aggression from the psychopathic Jihan Wu. and a threat to others mainly zcash not to fork or they will be attacked.
they were mining it and its obvious they controlled at least 20% of mining power that time . today they are well over 51% on zcash.
check zcash difficulty . completely controlled and bitmain set a 55 difficulty as golden number for the time being .
if Zoko now tried to play dirty or try to change they will destroy his a$$ .

and from current tweets and war words its obvious that the cryptocurrency sphere is toxic.
who would trust bitcoin now ? bitcoin is dead for real , thats my opinion for now.
when 2 people control all the hashing and threaten to kill each others coins its obvious that the crypto dream is over and I dont exclude a huge collapse in price and trust.

I think BTG has golden opportunity to benefit and offer something new and a road map in the coming few months .

to me now decentralization is the key to crypto future . asic has proved once again toxic and failure.

and sitting here without a plan and waiting till a new asic gets developed and then we fork again doesn’t look very good option to me.

maybe combination of various algos and POS and master nodes . or something else entirely .
I just wanted to see the communities opinions about this subject .

i dont understand of programing, but so far… btg has good job.
i think zcash n bitcoin can follow us :smile:

I posted some thoughts earlier today:

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