Carbon Wallet Adds support for BTG has added BTG to its 24/7 Support model, Carbon Wallet aims to be the one stop shop for all your Crypto storage, please given us a try and give us feedback, so we can let the BTG community know we aim to be a big part of Bitcoin Golds future in the Crypto Market

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Where can we see the list of cryptos supported by CarbonWallet?

Another feature we have is the easy claim of BTG from the 2017 Bitcoin fork via our sweep tool if you still havent done so


There are very few people who still have coins from before the October 2017 fork of the Bitcoin blockchain.

There is no need to sweep or claim coins after the Network Upgrade at block 536200 on July 3rd, 2018.

Always exercise extreme care when handling your private keys; if your computer is insecure, or if you use a site or services designed to steal your private keys, your cryptos are at risk.

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Posting “easy claim of BTG via our sweep tool” two hours before our Network Upgrade hardfork seems extremely suspicious; I advise all readers to use extreme caution.

@ MentalNomad our blog post as you can see was aimed at the October 2017 fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, we never intended it to be misinterpreted for the upgrade (which we have never mentioned or claimed) we have had users of our wallet ask us regarding the 2017 fork as with other forked coins, as you said this is an UPGRADE not a fork

edited post to clarify the purpose of the tool