Can I use my computer to mine BTG?

Welcome to this edition of mining Bitcoin Gold! Today we’ll see what you need to get you up and mining.

Some people think that you need huge warehouses of supercomputers to mine Cryptocurrencies. This is not true. Tens of thousands of people just like yourself can mine at home. Bitcoin Gold has brought mining back to the people. We want everyone to take part in making Bitcoin Gold decentralized…

What kind of computers are we talking about?

Alex sent me a message a while back:

" Can I use my laptop to mine?”

My answer is technically yes, but, to be honest I don’t want you to burn your laptop out !

That being said, maybe you have a computer that is laying around not doing anything, or an office computer, a gaming computer… You could put it to work when you aren’t using it. While you are sleeping you can make some cold hard cash!

If you don’t have one kicking around, I would recommend buying a cheap tower computer from a government surplus store, a pawn shop or even a friend. Or maybe you have a computer that is just laying around that is not being used. One of my friends got a whole computer for only 250 dollars! I know, right? Not too expensive… You just have to make sure that you have a video card that has at least 1 gb of GDDR5 memory and a motherboard with 1x PCIe x16 slot ( either x16,x8 or x4).

Remember, this is a minimum of what you need; (Click on blue for the link)

Computer Parts

1 case

1 Motherboard(only for beginners 1 slot)

1 Intel Celeron

1 stick of memory (Ram)

1 minimum graphics card gtx1050 ti

1 minimum Psu (power supply) 500 watts

1 hard drive

1 copy windows 10 free trial… Windows 10Installation Media How To video

Here is a video for those are new at building a pc
Use the video (installation Media) if you are going to download Windows from the internet. Or you can purchase a copy of Windows 10 at your local computer store.

Ok, now that you have all the hardware, and windows is installed…make sure you have your windows completely up to date!


YOU NEED A WALLET! That would be very useful.:slightly_smiling_face:

If you are new to mining you should probably stick with a wallet that is easy to use.
One of the desktop wallets you can use is:

For Windows,Mac and Linux:

One mobile wallet for Android:

And one mobile option for iPhone:

*To see a full list of wallets that supports Bitcoin Gold (BTG) please go to our website and scroll down to wallets (Click the blue link)

Miner Programs

You will now need a miner program.

a) EWBF v0.3.4b - For Nvidia cards Windows/Linux
b) ClaymoreZcash v12.6 - For AMD Windows/Linux
c) dstm’s ZCash v0.6.0 - For Nvidia Windows/Linux


We need to get you into a pool…No, not a swimming pool, a mining pool… kidding guys :slightly_smiling_face: Here is our Website, scroll down to pools and there is a wide selection to choose from.

Here are some common ones, in no specific order.

  • Each pool has different servers and ports. Please pay close attention in doing this as you will need to add your own address into the program.

For example: lets use scroll down the page to see his examples

Look Here to see what you need to change.

The above is an example for EWBF…
The RED highlights you do NOT change. The GREEN highlights you NEED to change.
The user Must be the same as your wallet address.


Here are videos that might help if you are having issues. How to set up Miner

To set up Coinomi wallet

If you need help to set up Guarda wallet let us know.

And if you need help I am always around. I can be reached at Bitcoin Gold Discord or Telegram. Links below.

      Just look for Blackbox....I'm always happy to help!



Once again, Thank you for supporting Bitcoin gold!


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