Buy Bitcoin gold With Paypal?

Hi, dear Member, I would like to Know how can I buy Bitcoin gold with PayPal if there is anyway available to buy Bitcoin with paypal so let me now.

It’s very difficult to find a trading partner who will sell BTG via PayPal because of the rampant fraud.

Most people offering to buy crypto via PayPal are actually using stolen bank or credit card accounts to fund PayPal. The BTG transfer is always permanent and irreversible, but the PayPal payment often gets reversed afterwards.

I would never sell crypto for PayPal, except for small amounts of money with people whom I already know directly and trust. I would never use PayPal to accept payments for crypto from strangers.

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Not exactly there are some platforms who sells bitcoins via paypal and they are safe too, it is only a matter of fact some can fraud you but there are platforms like BITFEU which lets you trade bitcoins with the safe way.

you caan buy here :

Could you give some names, which sites are believed to be safe? Sorry, but I don’t think that there’s any. BTC Transactions via PayPal doesn’t seem reasonable at all.