Btgexp block explorer mines xmr

Hello, the Bitcoin gold block chain explorer which is listed on the bitcoingold website has a java script monero miner built into it.

proof: a picture of the BTGexp website with the firefox console open as you can see Object { blob: “040493d3aeda05c37def642b9eb894395830d5920bd16fe385232c59b29161b158d1f04581a86e0000000019c76911cd39939bc805a2509736a5d4e229778494387cdde2c33c206052dbe901”, job_id: “270826303789971”, target: “ffffff00”, id: “929158369001097”, difficulty: “256”, algo: “cn”, variant: 1, clientId: 0.35237429175555446, ownerId: 0.35237429175555446, version: “2.19”, … } is listed which is a cryptonote miner difficulty 256 is the share difficulty algo:cn means cryptonight variant 1 im assuming is monero task manager with BTGexp open

I feel like this explorer should be desisted from the bitcoin gold website since it is deceptive and does not mention the cryptonote miner anywhere on the page.


Thanks for the report, @Acetk - we don’t know if the folks who made BTGexp are behind this, or if they’ve lost control of their site, but we’ve removed them from our lists because of the unacceptable activity.