BTG wallets at yobit exchange are on maintenance for long time. Who can solve it?

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Maybe it is fake but in Yobit chat I saw a mention that wallet will be open on August 1st. Someone said that it was inside info

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I contacted Yobit about BTG maintenance, I got this answer :

BTG disabled due to the attack of 51%, the inclusion is not planned

Can the BTG team contact them to get things done?


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Hi, do you suppose that is normal practice of exchange business to suspend traders wallet during approximately for a month of time without any notice? And than to say- sorry your assets are stolen in our exchange, we do not care for it…? I think, BTG team and community should not tolerate such situation in yobit and other exhanges. This situation must have a solution.


I`ve noticed that at least two Yobit users asked in chat about the wallet in maintenance and when it would be resolved.

Answer from chat admin: never or in a few hundred years.

BTG has to act in some kind of way. BTG holders at Yobit are forced to sell.

BTG is a decentralized cryptocurrency and is usable by anyone, including Yobit. Decentralized and immutable systems don’t allow a central power to exert any sort of control over individuals.

We have no power over them. They are not being held back by any technical problem - this is what they have decided to do.

Yobit is a private company and the BTG community have no direct power over it. The company is based in Russia, and harmed individuals can consider taking legal action, but the odds of positive resolution on a reasonable timeframe are low.

Given that Yobit has been actively promoting a coin “Pumping” scheme, which is illegal under most regulatory regimes, I doubt they will have much concern for legal proceedings.

Any cryptos left on an exchange are subject to custodial risks, and one of those risks is that you’re trusting the exchange that is holding them to do what you ask (such as allow you to withdraw.)

Hopefully it will solved as soon as possible… just keep patience…