BTG Wallet Asking for new directory?


In need of some guidance.

My server was down for weeks and once I got everything running again I tried launching the bitcoin gold core wallet win/10… I get a dialogue window prompt that insists that a new data directory will be created. As if its the first time the app is being launched.

Would I be overwriting my wallet if I should choose the previously used directory?
If I should choose a new directory would my previously mined BTG be recovered?

Thanks in advance…


To be safe, just make a copy of your wallet.dat file.

All the wallet info known by the BTG Core Wallet is stored in the file wallet.dat - this includes your private keys. Your previously-mined BTG don’t reside on your computer, they’re on the blockchain, and as long as you don’t lose the private keys, you won’t lose access to your BTG, no matter what else happens on your computer.

Re-installing should not overwrite the file, but it’s always safest if you have a backup copy of it to preserve that information.


Thank you for the response. I wont know my status until the entire block is downloaded - should take about another day or so. The previous directory has been backed up including (wallet.dat).


14 day update! Wallet is still Syncing… 4 weeks behind at this point, yet its been stuck on July 4th 2018 for the last 5 days and has not moved a block. I’ve stopped it, closed it, restarted it and still on the same block. I’ve looked at the new directory it created and It looks different from the directory I backed up with no “wallet.dat” file insight. Is this due to the fact that the syncing has not completed?


It sounds like you’re not using the current software!

The old (outdated) wallet won’t work after the Network Upgrade Hardfork of July 3rd. Because of a couple of miners that didn’t upgrade on time, two blocks got mined on a now-dead chain on July 4th.

Check your version:

v0.15.1 <-- good
v0.15.0.2 <-- old
v0.15.0.1 <-- very old, don’t be fooled!

Good looks like this:

(RC1 is fine; the Release Candidate was the full release, just make sure you have v0.15.1)

Current Core Wallet download page.

After you’ve got the right version installed, you should be able to go into Help > Debug > Peers and see who you’re connecting to. I just fired up mine, and here’s my peer list:

Notice there are a couple of peers running the old version. In a short while, my node will have relayed new blocks to them which they’ll reject, and then they’ll blacklist my node, and continue to be orphans - until their owners update their wallets. :frowning:


Ok Thanks I have some homework to do… Ill start by updating my wallet!


25 days later the Block just finished downloading… :robot: