BTG unavailable

This is driving me nuts… you can’t trade BTG anywhere. Any idea as to what the issues are?

I mine and Stake them :smiley:

Thanks for not making me the only person with this issue!!!

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Had the same problem here. Using exodus as wallet, there was no exchange possible of BTG into sth else possible directly within exodus anymore. Already since yesterday afternoon.

Got aware of today and am just waiting for the exchange there to be finished.
sending btg from exodus still works fortunately, so i just sent my btg to changelly and told them the destination coins wallet within exodus as a recipient address. will share an update here as soon as this exchange was successfully finished.

edit: just asked the changelly support how long this exchange will take - they answered: about 7-8h, because for BTG lots of confirmations from the blockchain seem to be needed according to the support employee.
so i’m now going to pray that the BTG value doesnt drop below what I paid originally till this exchange is finished. At least from my point of view it’s still better to wait some hours for the exchange than observing the changements of the value without having any option to react on it…

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Update: finally 10h15min after the initialisation of this exchange i received my new coins in my wallet, yeah!