BTG SYSOPS hardware lottery

Hi everyone,

The SYSOPS team has been (privately) operating some BTG farms for a while now and we recently changed the hardware builds for the miners. Now we have some surplus hardware we will be giving away for free (shipping and handling costs still apply) during a raffle event on the 6th of December.

This raffle is for a 19" 6U Chassis that can hold 6 to 8 GPU’s and 2 power supplies. (To be clear: only the chassis and 6 high-performance fans; no other hardware is included).


There will be some rules to do this correctly:

  • The farm is located in Europe and to prevent massive work with shipping and customs, only people from the EU will be eligible to join this raffle.
  • Each ticket costs 1 BTG. Enter as often as you want.
  • To participate you must send an email to [email protected]. You will receive a BTG address linked to your email to send the 1 BTG to the raffle address, so we can link each ticket to the right participant.
  • Winners will be randomly selected from the pool of participants on the 6th of December at 20.00 CET time, the winning BTG addresses will be posted in the forum shortly after.
  • Winners must also pay the shipping and handling cost of 50,00 Euro in Tier 1 countries (pickup is not an option for security reasons). If a winner is outside the Tier 1 shipping zone, an individual shipping quote will be provided. The shipping is based on express service, without insurance.
  • Items are used hardware and do not come with any warranty, but are checked before shipping.

Optionally a winner can order an additional set of (limited availability!) parts for 50,00 Euro consisting of:

  • Used H81 BTC motherboard with pre-mounted Celeron CPU and original Intel fan
  • Used 8 GPU risers (there might be more than 8 in the box)
  • Used Dual PSU cable
  • Included additional shipping weight, will be added into the Chassis box.

Questions can be posted here, and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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Those are some primo cases. If I were in the EU zone, I’d definitely be bidding!