BTG removed from shapeshift and Changelly?

Since 2 days it disappeared from shapeshift but changelly took it off today i guess. Anyone knows the reason ? Or is it a bug I am facing ?

Most likely the wallet is only down for maintenance as a precaution since the network attack from 2 days ago.

Keep in mind these exchanges have to rely on 100% reliable confirmations of two transactions to operate. Right now that is 50 confirmations. Imagine you deposit to one of them, then they have to wait 50 confirms, then they have to send the amount to an exchange which would also wait 50 confirms. you could argue that these could overlap if they sent the amount immediately and you’d wait say 52 confirms total, but that’s still what, 9 hours?

So you’d be selling an asset at rate which value would be in 9 hours and it can be significantly different.

When they would restore their service? Hard to say, when the attacks will / if stop? When the PoW change be ready, coordinated, deployed, exchanges, pools, services adopt it? It’s a guessing game I’d say.

The important thing is the Bitcoin Gold team is small but know their stuff and doing their best, relax, all will get back to normal after the issues are resolved.

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