BTG Reality Faucet

Had a fun idea and I’m writing it down before I forget.

Imagine walking up to a display at convention or somewhere… it looks something like this:

It’s mounted on a wall or board which also has a computer screen. The screen shows the BTG blockchain explorer main page, and shows a Full Node’s payment activity page.

There’s a camera inside, looking down.

If you hold a valid BTG QR code under the faucet, the camera scans the QR and sends 0.001 BTG to the address; the payment shows up on the Full Node & on the Explorer (unconfirmed, at first, later as confirmed.)

Basically, it’s a real-world BTG faucet; people can walk up and taste a drop with their favorite wallet app.

Small signs describe the faucet/function/BTG. They include links & QR codes for people who want to watch the explorer from their own mobile as they make the payment.

There can be several placards or business cards with sample QR codes that people could use to scan if they don’t have a wallet; this will let people see the payments on the blockchain.

How it runs:

A Raspberry Pi runs the Node, shows the explorer, and runs the camera/QR scanner. The Node is watch-only, so that there is no privkey or wallet on the Pi, which might get stolen. When a QR code is scanned, the address is relayed to a server which processes payments (daily limit & time limits for most addresses, unlimited to the sample addresses) and makes the payments.

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Do you think this would work well as a VR application? I’ve been dabbling in VR development since I got my Index, and I’m sure I could create something cool! Not sure weather this defeats the purpose of it being a physical object or not, though.

I think a VR wallet would be a very cool thing to deploy at a conference… although the coolest part might an augmented reality situation where people could go to a place to use the virtual faucet; it can become a BTG meeting place!

My concern with a VR (or AR) approach is that it may be difficult to integrate the view with their actual wallets. That is, if I see a floating QR code in VR space, how do I get that to my wallet app?

Hmm, actually, no - the reverse - how does a user get their wallet’s QR code (or address) to deliver it in virtual space, and then how do we pick it up in virtual space to send to our server to send them some coin?

But I’m loving the creativity of integrating a VR aspect to this. Do continue thinking about it! I’m a fan!