BTG QR code Generator

I created a free service that allows you to create a custom QR for your public wallet address/text to receive instant payments related with the crypto’s within the Ledger Manager App. This unique QR is fused with the cryptocurrency logo & has a nice border. It makes it easier to identify what type of wallet address is in the QR code. This project is still ongoing and I am open to your suggestions

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First of all, we appreciate the effort for taking the initiative, that is great! Personally, I am not a Ledger User but I would like to hear other users opinions after testing​ it.

It worked. Also, I like the fact it is open source. May be the team can incorporate it on their website so that it looks more legit? (of course, after taking permission from the dev).

It is free for all to use, you don’t need my permission :slight_smile: Just share the love with others.

That’s exactly why we need to refrain from that. :frowning:

When we have links to external web sites on our official pages, people assume the external sites are legit and exercise less care. In reality, an external site can be changed from legit to malicious overnight - sometimes without the site owner’s knowledge.

In the crypto space, it’s best that people always stay vigilant.

I think the project is lovely; thanks for sharing. I used it to make this QR code, but it won’t work for deposits:


(I like that you can type anything you wish into the field.)

It’s a great way to create donation or payment QR codes for a web site, a shop, etc.

I’d advise anyone planning to use one to:

  1. Carefully copy-paste the address.
  2. Scan the resulting QR code in a generic scanner to confirm that the results match what’s expected.
  3. Take steps to make sure that wherever you put the code, it stays put.

The last one is important - for example, if your QR code is a sticker in your shop by the register, make sure someone can’t easily put a sticker on top of your sticker, or they’ll receive the next payment.

To that end - perhaps your app can provide the ability to customize the human-readable parts of the image? That less generic-looking result will make it easier to notice changes. Frankly, it will also make it easier to keep track of one’s own codes!

Thanks @MentalNomad. I have updated the field boxes so as to limit the amount of characters for each crypto and also a side note suggesting that users scan their qr to verify the same content matches. It would be irresponsible for a shop owner to put the QR sticker in a shop window. It would definitely come in handy when used directly at the cash register.

Yes, but the more we talk about it, the less likely they are to learn this the hard way. :wink: