BTG Mining workers

Should we have more than one miner worker ? Does it make difference for more payshares?

Currently I am running two mining app and two different workers.

I wonder if it has any effect on earning if we have more workers.


Should make no difference with any pool I’m aware of.

The total work your cards do will be same, so the total payout should be the same.

Does it mean those multiple workers are solving the same blocks?

We can only analyze which worker hashrate is higher but there is no other benefit?

No. Each computer process that connects to the pool should get separate work assigned to them; there should be no worry about computers executing the same work.

Worker names are about the pool’s reporting - it allows you to see the details per worker.

Basically, yes. Individual worker names make it easier for you to monitor & manage your computers individually. If your computers give you all the information you want/need, then you may not need individual worker names (unless your pool requires it.)


Okay I understand.

Thanks Ed for your response. :kissing_heart: