BTG Mining Efficiency

i would like to ask about efficiency in mining . if i see 0.45 sols/w , it seems the GPU performance is normal.

what does 0.45 sols / watt mean?

When we want to increase efficiency, what should we do?
Do we lower the coreclock if the power to produce does not produce much sols?


Hi there Leo,
If you take how many sols say 80 for a 1080 and you consume 250 watts of power. ( just an example)
80 / 250 = .32 sols/watt
If you lower your oc settings, say over clock the memory and cut the power down
Mem +600 core 0 power 75
So for argument sakes, lets say you still get 79 sols but you are only using 200. 79/200=.0395
That means you are getting more with less power
Meaning it is more efficient.
I am only trying to explain this in the simplest terms.
Happy mining Leo
Ps, I’m always on discord to answer your questions

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It means that for every watt of power you consume, you produce 0.45 Sols of hashrate.

Sols make your revenue. Power is your cost.

If your biggest expense is watts (power bill), then maximizing Sols/watt will maximize your revenue after accounting for your power bill.

You can play with raising/lowering each aspect. If you find something that raises sols without raising power draw, good! (more power, same cost) If you find something that keeps sols but lowers power draw, good! (same power, less cost)

But if uses more power without making more sols, bad!

The Equihash algo is very memory-intensive, so output is more sensitive to Memory settings to Core settings. Core clock tends not to affect output very much, so we can often reduce core clock to save power without hurting Sol production. Speeding up the memory often leads to more Sols… but that increase speed also uses more power. Is it worth it? Use the ratio… if Sol/Watt is higher, then it’s an improvement. (As long as you don’t burn up your equipment with the heat!)

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Hi Blackbox,

Thanks for your reply.

What do you think of my VM Setting?

I currently get misaligned address on the mining app Gminer.
Or illegal memory access on my GPU.
59%20PM 11%20PM

VIrtual Memory Setting
I got 8GB RAM

Thanks Ed.

I just found out from you that Memory Clock is more of a matter to Equihash mining.

I would do more testing about my mining. I have been mining BTG for more than a year already.

Thank you.

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I suspect this is not related to running out of memory (VM settings).

Illegal memory access on a GPU refers to memory on the GPU, not in the PC’s OS.

More likely one of: a bug in the Gminer code, or GPU core clock running hot and having errors, or memory running too hot and having errors.

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Okay, Ed. Thank you for your reply! :grin:

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