BTG Journey To The Moon in 2018

Here is a fun video showing bitcoin gold journey since the bitcoin fork in October 2017, how it has grown into such a successful project and what awaits in 2018 that will bring BTG to the next level and moon!

Bitcoin Gold Journey To The Moon Video!

Did you know what are the 5 Great Things About BTG Video?

Lets all do our small parts and share our BTG community posts with family and friends and bring BTG to the next level together.

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Thank you BTG team for the continuous hard work and for making Bitcoin Gold such a success! Keep up the great work you guys are doing! You will always have the support of this awesome BTG community!

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Yeeeehhhaaaawww!!! Way to go btg!!


Agreed! BTG to moon when Coinbase lists it and when bitcoin goes on a bull run in 2018!

Coinbase Factor
Coinbase is a window into the crypto world for most first-time investors, as such when it is listed on Coinbase it means that Bitcoin Gold will be seen as a good investment prospect for new crypto investors. This is why coin values rise a great deal when listed on Coinbase.

Bitcoin Price Factor
As for bitcoin price bull run, we have seen how other cryptocurrencies are affected by bitcoin’s value rise and dip, especially due to all cryptocurrencies being paired with BTC on exchanges. As such once bitcoin goes on a bull run in 2018, expect bitcoin gold value to rise quickly too.

In the meantime, lets all do our small parts in educating our family, friends and colleagues on what the Bitcoin Gold Project is all about. There is so much material here for all of us to share knowledge with.

Thanks to our awesome BTG community and BTG team for making Bitcoin Gold a success that it is today. Lets continue to build on this solid foundation!

Bitcoin Gold to the moon by end of 2018…


I left this comment on YouTube, great job!


Thanks Joseph for the generous compliments…

Love BTG and what it stands for… love the BTG team cause you guys work hard which is why BTG now has solid foundations to build on… the BTG community is behind the BTG team through the thick and thin… keep up the awesome work you guys are doing and thank you! :slight_smile:


The combination of an awesome BTG team and a great supportive BTG community has made this project a major success and to now have solid foundations to continuously keep growing… 2018 can be BTG’s moon year!


Agreed… BTG is already a solid project with strong foundations… all it needs now is a boost from either being listed on conbase or for a BTC bull run… or both! :slight_smile: