BTG is the future

BTG Is going to be in the top 10 coins of 2018, possibly even top 5.
-Bitcoin Gold decentralizes mining
-Hard forking Bitcoin’s blockchain fairly and efficiently distributes a new digital asset immediately to people all over the world who have interest in cryptocoins
-Bitcoin Gold is a free open source software project
-and most importantly, the TEAM AND ROADMAP!!!

This coin has the most potential out of any coin i’ve observed so far, and i highly suggest looking into this coin.

Check out the roadmap here, and see for yourself :

My BTG address : Gf6MoRU985bFmetM5yJYDRhRCyXEdMDZEN


Just FYI, @Lelouch, your post has been selected as a February Post of the Month contender. Make sure to add your BTG payment address, in case you win. Good luck!

Of course! I’ll do it asap! Just don’t know where to enter it.


You can do it right here!

If you hit the pencil icon below your post, you can edit it and add the address at the bottom.


Добрый день! Являюсь поклонником BTG! Считаю что нужно создавать много новых проектов с использованием данной монеты и популяризировать её, тогда когда она станет популярной, она станет дорогой, нужно поддерживать различные интересные проекты в различных областях! Спорт, здоровье, отдых, развлечения, музыка и т.д. придёт популярность выростет и цена!!!..

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BTG address needed so that we can pay out the reward, please!

My address is : Gf6MoRU985bFmetM5yJYDRhRCyXEdMDZEN

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Мой BTG адрес: