BTG and the Bidali experience


Hi everyone,

Today I wish to share with you an amazing experience I had with Bidali. Bidali is one of our new partners. If you havent heard of them, they are a payment processor and also sell gift cards.

They have amazing customer service and it was rather quick and painless.
My complete transaction was done in 45 minutes, simply amazing!

This is how it works:

You go to Bidali website,

  • Click on products and from the drop menu, gift cards.
  • Pick Canada, US or UK.
  • Scroll down to Bitcoin Gold logo and click it.
  • Go to your choice of gift cards (be mindful that some cards have a minimum requirement to pay with BTG.)
  • Select amount and add to the cart, and go to view cart.

Once you are satisfied with your purchase, checkout.

A window will open like the one below:

Fill out the information.

(Again each card has a different minimum purchase with Bitcoin Gold .)

Another window will pop up:

Scroll down to Bitcoin Gold and pick it…

Do the scan or pay with your favorite Bitcoin Gold wallet and pay the amount.
I found that within one minute of paying. This showed up:

Then all I had to do was wait for the confirmations to go through and I got an email - around 5 confirmations or so.

They tell you to print off the emailed gift card. In the following example, it was for Swiss Chalet restaurant.

We went to the Restaurant:

We ordered our amazing food!

And Paid with Bitcoin Gold via Gift card! Wow that was easy!

This was an amazing experience and so easy to do!

If anyone needs help buying gift cards feel free to contact me:

[email protected]