BTG AMA Saturday

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April brought a variety of news for the BTG community. Some, we did not plan – like when Binance added new BTG trading pairs, and then added BTG margin trading. Others were totally our doing – like when we published our updated Roadmap for 2021.

The new Roadmap has generated a lot of questions… and we’d like to provide a lot of answers. So, to make it easier for folks, we’re holding our first self-hosted AMA on our Discord server this upcoming Saturday.

Join us Saturday for an hour at 13:00 UTC and ask us anything!

That’s 9:00 NYC, 14:00 London, 16:00 Moscow, 21:00 Beijing.


You can also join us ahead of time to submit questions to be answered in the first half hour; the second half will be for followups and new questions.

Please post questions in the AMA channel on our Discord ahead of time, and vote for questions you want to see addressed.