provably fair game

The Bitcoin (((casino)))

Blackjack.Fun is a (((casino))) site which is launched in 2018. Where you can play the game with BTC, DASH, LTC. The results are probably fair. you can edit client seed to be more fair and more fun in your bets .

━━━━ Blackjack fun !! The probably fair (((casino))) !! ━━━━
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Frequently Asked Questions About

1. How much is the minimum deposit?

There is no minimum or maximum deposit

2. How much is the Withdrawal fee?

There is no withdrawal fee. Only cryptocurrency transaction fee what depends on different cryptocurrencies

3. Dominans of chips?

You can change the domination of chips from Menu - Settings

4. How fast the withdrawal? has Instant Withdraws

5. What are the buttons in the bottom left?

These 3 are Lifelines. No one else has them

  1. Show dealer card.
    After 10 bets you can use this lifeline. It is an option to see dealers other card before showdown.

2.Show next card.
After 20 bets you can use this lifeline. It is an option to see next card what is coming to the table.

3.Swap one card.
This is the best and hardest to get lifeline. It activates after 30 bets. With this lifeline you can change any card what is on the table to a new random card. You can choose when do you want to use these lifelines.

6. How much the Affiliate commission?

Affiliate Program Details:

Revenue Share 50%
Cookie duration unlimited
Lifetime commissions on referred players
No admin fee
Instant affiliate payments
No minimum payments
No maximum payments
Focused also on the mobile market
Access to live stats and reports

7. How many decks are in play per hand?

There are 4 decks

8. What is the minimum bet limit?

The minimum bet is
Bitcoin 0.000001
Litecoin 0.000001
Dash 0.000001

9. What is the maximum bet limit?

The maximum bet is
Bitcoin 0.1
Litecoin 0.1
Dash 0.1

10. How to manually verify results?

Provably fair algorithm:

  1. Server generates random seed
  2. Server seed is hashed and sent to the player. Can be seen in Menu - Provably fair
  3. Player will send its own seed. Seed can be entered manually in Menu - Provably fair
  4. Two seeds are hashed together with sha256
  5. Output is used as seed in Mersenne Twister RNG
  6. Deck is generated with 4 packs of cards
  7. Deck is shuffled using Fisher–Yates algorithm, with RNG provided in step 5

For example let’s pick server and client seeds
server seed: 85728A263F0639D368DF48852D54A8F767512500D62E111EDAF972906A414FF80643A5FF7B3A8E3F9129DB1DA261FAC41C7431F74F099654301F57F497E8F1FE
client seed: f192685b5b26c72a92a833830947e5cac3383d5aa5b5210d2782f4fb51ba00bc7e5ce1b190c24013
Using these values
server seed hash would be 6A66A88382FAA06BB2EBCF2AA69EDF76596197D92C899D86A144990890B96EC8
client and server seed hashed together: ccfdcb55b4369d121854f77fbe8104e03a5a5611decd25afbdb88b02328a5a32
RNG seed: [3439184725, 3023478034, 408221567, 3196126432, 978998801, 3737986479, 3182988034, 847927858] (3439184725dec = 0xCCFDCB55hex and so on…)
First N random values produced by RNG: [1139799984, 4122921141, 3138460245, 3260841105, 2634829831, 1147546524, 4115959087, …]

Using same logic on the game deck you can verify that server cannot alter the game output

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