BITTREX delisting BTG from 14 sept 2018


I just noticed today that Bittrex are announcing that all BTG trading will cease on the exchange 14/09/18. Whether this be a ploy in advance of something big, or whether they just have no faith, I’m reluctant to move my BTG back to core, plus I might not even have synced by that time. I’m trying to absorb as much detail as I can about ALT wallets for desktop. Any tips would be welcomed.



It’s not a faith issue; BTG has been a safe coin to use ever since our successful upgrade on July 3, after which BTG was removed from the list of vulnerable coins at Crypto51.

In May and June, Bittrex demanded that we pay them over 10,000 BTG from the Endowment, or else they would delist us. In July, we told them that we would not pay, but that our coin was safe to use, and that we hoped they would change their minds and continue trading.

They’ve now announced that they will be delisting us, so their decision is clear.

Just FYI, you can create an address with the BTG Core Wallet and move coins there immediately, even though it has not synced. The address is valid, and you can monitor the balance with online Explorers until your Core Wallet finishes syncing and shows you the current balance.

If you are a fan of Electrum, you can use our ElectrumG, which won’t require a long sync of the full blockchain.

If you prefer multi-asset wallets, BTG has recently been added to Atomic Wallet (which is featured on CoinMarketCap). We’re also on Exodus, which has long been one of the most beautiful desktop wallets supporting BTG. You can see a full list of wallets here. Note that Atomic, which was recently added, is also availabe on PC, Mac, and Linux - the graphic is being revised.


Just wanted to mention that I happen to like Freewallet for an Android Wallet. I happen to have .6 BTG there and plan on acquiring more. They seem quite nice, and even free – any freewallet to freewallet transfers are instant and free. Also you can always send to E-mail with freeWallet and they will get a link to their new freewallet if they don’t already have one…


Hi Billy, freewallet sounds great, I’m storing BTG using the Desktop wallet, ElectrumG, and the wallet file saved on a couple of different external drives. ElectrumG fees are low but I guess you can’t beat FREE.
Thanks for the tip.