bitpay bitcore node & node libs

Is the Bitpay bitcore node&libs still supported? They look pretty much dead on github although I could start and sync mainnet&testnet nodes. Does anyone know why did they abandon the project? (possibly by keeping following versions private)

Also does anyone know of a node implementation that has similar features to bitcore, i.e. I am most interested in being able to query it for all the transactions to or from an address.

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Here’s bitcore patched for BTG:

Also, you can look at BTCPay as an alternative to BitPay.

BTCPay is an open-source project that offers similar payment processing services to BitPay, and it includes support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Dogecoin, Feathercoin, Groestlcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monacoin, Polis, UFO, and Viacoin.

BTCPay is also building support for LND, which you will be able to use with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, and perhaps others that support Lightning Network in the future.

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I thought Bitcore itself wasn’t a node, but that it required an actual bitcoin-compatible node as a backend.

i am not really familiar with bitcore myself so if i am wrong hopefully someone will correct me, but i believe that you can do both. meaning a standalone Bitcore as your full node or just add it on top of another full node (bitcoin core) and use it. what Bitcore does is basically indexing the blockchain so it becomes easier/faster to find things like a block explorer finding any address balance. which is why it takes a bigger size.

I think I might have a solution although im not sure how well it scales. I am using rpc importaddress with bitcoind, this adds the address to the wallet to 'watch' and parses the blockchain for transactions associated with it. this will take a while.. but after that you can query bitcoind with rpc listtransactions and the account name under which you imported the address. As i said I dont know how well this scales: scanning the blockchain for each address can take minutes depending on the machines (but bitcoind is responsive) and I imagine this adds to the wallet db so this will start using storage if a lot of addresses are imported.