Bitfinex's "funding BTG" figure is weird

I thought it was a bug at first,
The number of fundable BTGs in the last few weeks has exceeded 100 million.

Exceeds total BTG issue.

In other words, you can borrow this and dump the BTG.

What the hell is bitfinex doing ???
This requires clarification.

That’s not the funding book for BTG, it’s the funding book for USD.

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RED(offer) is BTG
GREEN(bid) is USD.

I always accumulate BTG(red side) last few years.

so I know well because I’ve always done it.

In short, red has a higher interest rate because of the accumulation of people who own btg.

I think Edward meant this one is BTG’s funding book:

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You were right.

The upper left corner shows USD.

I don’t know why, but I’ve now noticed that when I clicked the FULL BOOK link in the “PAGE of funding book btg”, it defaulted to USD. not BTG…