Bitcoingold upgrade status (stuck)


We are waiting for network upgrade
As its have been 15 days from attack the last attack was done on 18 may 2018

We are waiting for status of network upgrade when dates will be announced or are we stuck on something?
It is taking much time than expected.
Everything is pending till upgrade?
Exchanges, BTGPAY, Lightning network are more

We are waiting for network upgrade date or least want to know when we can expect bitcoingold upgrade?
Next week or at the end of june


Isn’t BTG available on almost all major exchanges out there?


It means on many deposit and withdrawals are on maintenance mode.
Lightning network and btgpay delayed till the network upgrade.


We are waiting for upgrade as z9 are coming
Check out

@MentalNomad @Joseph


pretty? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nice one @Joseph
As people will start mining with z9
Hope so we will see upgrade soon.
Many groups/people who have close contact with bitmain will start mining earlier.

Kindly keep close eye on chain as many with massive hashrates can attack btg again.

Z9 miners (Tic Toc)
Countdown begins



my BTG are on Bittrex although I cannot access the wallet or receive payments yet since the attack. Luckily I have faith in BTG.

However I have lost some faith in bittrex since they trashed the design of the exchange.


hmmmm, sounds like we might have to look into mcafees interest in BTG, or lack of it.


LN work is unaffected; separate developers.


As we know it will not be launched until btg upgrade is done


so they should hurry on, since weeks I cannot deal with BTG.


I loose a lot of money with BTG, because I cannot deal with it in Bittrex! Is there any offer, because I am forced to hold it?


мы теряем деньги им пофигу у меня такая же история кошель заморожен и все молчат


now there are 17 days gone since the first announcement of the problems in Bittrex and nothing happened. And we loose and loose. Can one really trust in this?


well did u contacted them via support ticked??? its not like someone from here can decide for them what to do


Thanks for your advice, but there is no possibility to send a support ticket, so I hoped they will react on this: BTG is still not to deal in Bittrex, now nearly since one month.


BTG team already updated sometime ago that ever since after the 51% attack they have been in touch with Bittrex technical team. My guess is that they are waiting for the network upgrade which is to take place in about 6 days time before resuming normal functions for their BTG wallet.