Bitcoingold Sell Until LTC Halving

Hello Guys

As we all love and support bitcoingold as we all can almost double our balances by doing something smart.
Here is the tip:

Make sure to sell btg and buy litecoin as halving is near Litecoin will blast to all time high. Then you can sell litecoin and buy back bitcoingold. It will benefit the both trader/holder and bitcoingold as ecosystem as many people will buy back which will blast prices high of bitcoingold and people will more came to know about it.

For more details you can view by yourself at and see the previous records of chart by yourself you will came to know that it is goldmine for now to buy LTC.

Specially for team dont release any thing until halving is done as people will not bother and all the hype and momentum will be on litecoin
Have a nice day