Bitcoingold marketing sector

We are with btg for long to support it.
All the community are facing the issues of marketing.
There is very much lack of marketing in bitcoingold

It have great potential to reach $1000 but marketing is vert bad.
We need to focus on marketing
Why the exchanges will register us if the marketing is not going well. (bitflyer)

If team is doing marketing where it is doing and what it have done for marketing.

Product is good
presentation is bad

Here is something I posted this suggestion before as far as how to help propagate BTG mining on computers and devices. Though part of it may just crypto needing more time, but we can hasten it, no?

I personally mine on my computers, cameras, and phones (only phones I don’t care about though because it can destroy the battery). I know, big deal right? Yet that is the problem. People don’t see mining on their computer as a big deal or ever being lucrative. But if you could get a lot of people involved…things change.

So far, I tell my friends to use the mining app I use that is a 3rd party. They are very skeptical. They think it could be spying on them or it just isn’t worth taking up the memory. A convincing flyer or tweet identifying legitimate apps to mine BTG could be made to this audience to help bring them on board.

Or even a more straightforward method would be if on this page:

You had a mining app that is either your own or a legitimate mining app that has been checked out for bugs.

People are paranoid about bugs and rightfully so; some of these apps going around claiming to mine for you either A. have malware and / or B. make it impossible to get paid. I’m sure my friends would feel more secure downloading an app off a reputable website like yours than another.

Just my 2 cents as someone who is interested in promoting the crypto-space.


If team is doing marketing where it is doing and what it have done for marketing.

Marketing properly is necessary in absolutely all spheres, it would be problematic to argue with this, and I would not want to. I just want to add that marketing can be an independent source of income, if we are talking about affiliate marketing. Learn about the best sources of traffic here, many will be really relevant.

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