Bitcoingold Hardfork BTG

We all know that bitmain have release Z9 miners and BTG team will schedule a fork to be asic resistant. Hope so btg will do some adjustment of equihash or immplement any other pow to make it asic resistant.

Bitcoingold also need to plan and add another things in fork to make more accurate network and safe from hashattacks. Hope so BTG will implement Zawy alogrithm to and add multiple things in this fork to make bitcoingold more powerful and more stronger.

Kindly watch closely Bitcoincash hardfork on 15 may 2018

And we also need to add some more good charcteristics in this fork for btg to make it more useful
1: Pow Asic resistant
2: zawy Algorithm
3: Smart contracts
4: BTG block size Adjustment (if needed)
And Add any addition things that team wants to make btg more stronger and make more better stronger than BCH.
Kindly watch BCH fork closely and it codes.

Hope so many new things will be added and fixes rather than only one thing of asic resistant pow

Yes; the first round may be an adjustment to Equihash, later we may have a wholesale change of algorithm. It would be unwise to commit to details or timelines without more information, without consulting with other coins and miners in the communities, the producers of mining software, pools, etc.

The improved DAA, developed with Zawy, is already in testnet v3. That’s close to guaranteed to be in the next upgrade.

This appears to be a meaningless change made in order to promote an arbitrary specification.

Bitcoin Cash has been averaging under 80k block size for the past two months:


That’s 0.08 MB in size. Their current blocksize limit is 8 MB (8000 kB), so they are about 1% full, and 99% empty.

Increasing to 32 MB (32,000 kB) simply takes them to 00.25% full (99.75% empty.)

It’s also possible to set the “limit” to 1 TB by flipping the variable… if the transactions never come into a block, then there’s no impact, but then people can say how many more (imaginary) transactions can (theoreticlaly) pass per second.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold already include a level of scripting. Jumping to smart contracts is something that must be done very, very carefully - problems with early versions plagued (and continue to plague) Ethereum (and Ethereum Classic.) One of the strengths of the real Bitcoin ecosystem is the reliability - it has been battle-tested for many years; major changes must be introduced with great care.

Smart contracts are on the long-term roadmap, but cannot be rushed.

It’s always possible, but there is no need right now. Because of SegWit adoption, at current transaction rates, even Bitcoin doesn’t need a larger block right now. We have plenty of room for growth, and expect Lightning Network implementation to provide a lot of growing space over time.