BitcoinGold (BTG) Average Confirmation Time

Hi Guys .

I am new in BTG and I am a BTG miner.
I am sending BTG from my Mining Pool Hub wallet to my wallet. I am in shock because it has been two hours and a half since I initiated the transfer.

What is the average confirmation time?
I heard if the miner fee is low then the transfer would be slower.

I understand the confirmation time has been increased after the 51% attack.

But this is a serious problem in the future if we want to promote BTGPay.

Could anyone please clarify this confirmation and update on the BTG transfer speed?

BitcoinGold :rocket:

Thank you.

The BTG confirmation time averages 10 minutes per block, as always.

Due to the attacks, many places have increased the number of confirmations they require before considering the deposit safe - that does not change the confirmation time of ten minutes per block, it only means that they wait for more blocks.

I see no delays approaching even one hour; perhaps your withdrawal was never initiated? Or perhaps your wallet software is not updating?

Consider checking your wallet balance here:

To see the latest blocks, look here:

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Hi Ed, @MentalNomad

Currently it is already 22:20 which is 3 hours and 40 minutes since my transfer.

I sent it to an exchange wallet.

Current situation : :thinking: 17 confirmation

I notice there is another amount in my transaction. what is this 1.94417187 BTG referring to?


A pool doesn’t usually maintain a separate wallet for your minng revenue… it’s just tracked on “your account.”

When they sent your 6.597, it originated from a wallet with 8.542 in it.

The remainder is the part of the original amount that wasn’t sent to you. It went to another of their own wallets addresses as their “change.”

For a Bitcoin style transaction, total inputs (left) must equal total outputs (right.)

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Average is one per 10 minutes. You’ve gotten one per 12.96 minutes. Slow, but not far off.

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History Transaction :
6:40 PM : transfer initiated
2:35 AM : transfer succeeded

Apparently for 6,5 BitcoinGold(BTG) transfer , it took 7 hours and 55 minutes .

There are 25 confirmations as I checked on .

(7*60+55)/25= 19 minutes.

1 confirmation is done in 19 minutes.

Is the confirmation time depends on each exchanges and type of wallet?

Ed , I would like to ask about BitcoinGold plan in 2018.
Is Lightning Network done to improve BTG transfer speed?
How fast would the confirmation time on Lightning network?

On a side note , I was very much impressed on how fast Stellar and Digibyte on transfer speed.

Thank you.

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Transfer is done in a second or two.
Confirmation time target is ten minutes.Our average time is actually just under 10 minutes:

Exchange chooses to wait for many confirmation for safety; how many is up to them.

Transfers on LN are effectively instantaneous.