Bitcoingold adoption Accelerator

As we know its been an almost an year and we have received the huge hits. Hope so we are expected to grow in coming months.
As the problem we are facing is adoption of bitcoingold as the prices are to low and volume is down.

Bitcoingold can introduce incentive to its users by providing the scheme to btg by 94% goes to miners 4% to holders and 2% to team for further coin development. It will give the positive vibes to people and all around the world people will love to hold btg. Trading volume will improve as many things will start to improve as many partner will join btg and put one step forward to adoption.

On the other hand, I make and manages the website and i know many people try to find partnerships and people mail us to. You can tweet it
As wanna partner with btg Join us and kindly use popular hashtags like #bitcoin #btc #btg #bitcoingold #crypto Like that.
There are many people who will mail you and many of those partners will be of your taste and it will help you in adoption of btg i can bet that.

Promote mining and tweet and post on Facebook as more and more people will start and come in the shelter of btg. The larger the miner community the better it is for the network and for coin.

What we are still waiting for?
The BTG pay program we are waiting for it.
The website upgrade we are waiting for it.
AMA(Ask me anything) waiting for it and haven’t been done till yet.

Kindly check it is not opening
And i contacted kraken and they are waiting for btg team to contact them

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Kindly respond to Kraken as they are waiting for response from btg Team. @MentalNomad @Joseph