Bitcoin - Why is BTC Pro-Life and the peoples' coin?

Bitcoin is the people’s coin. It does not belong to any CEO nor does it have any owner, unlike all other cryptocurrencies out there.

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Bitcoin Gold on the other hand although still has a CEO and a support team, and BTG difference from Bitcoin is that, BTG gives the mining power to the people so no group of miners can threaten to stop mining it and support another coin instead, and we all know which has actually come out and done that. Bitcoin Gold lets the people decide which coin they want to support as they do not need to purchase high-end mining equipment and open up mining farms which only people with lots of money can get into, BTG can be mined with any home computer with GPU.

Before you invest please take the time to find out why it was invented and how it works. There will only ever be 21,000,000 bitcoins produced and the last coin is expected to be released in the year 2040. Currently there are about 16,000,000 coins already in the market.

Here is a video about why we should support and invest in bitcoin for the good of the future generations and how it will hopefully also be the key to fighting poverty especially in poor countries.

Always invest with care and never go all in in anything as nothing in life is 100%. As we found out in 2008 fiat money is not 100% too!

Bitcoin - Why it is Pro-life and the peoples’ coin?

New to Bitcoin? - Here is a short blog on the basics by Electric Dreamz, Crypto Event Organizer in Singapore

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I agree Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold are the future !!!

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