Bitcoin-qt not working

i sent my 2 btg from exodus to bitcoin wallet core (from offical site) and it take to much time (6 hour)and still didn’t finish
it’s downloaded block i don’t know why and then stuck after 6 hour from transference
so i exit from this wallet and try to enter again
and i get this error:

assertion faild!
program: C:\Program Files\BitcoinGold\bitcoin-qt.exe
file chain.cpp, Line 101
Expression: pindexWalk ->pprev

ohh and i moved C:\Users\sapir\AppData\Roaming\BitcoinGold\blocks to E:\Block
becuse it was 60-70 gb and i don’t have more space in C…
and in E i have 600gb free speace

someone know what is the problem?
Or how I get my privet key?

tnx in advance

Don’t worry. As long as you have a backup of wallet.dat file you will not lose your private keys. You can also export the wallet in several ways (please use Google to search how to export private key on Bitcoin Core client).

If you have moved some of the datadir to another directory, you need to move the entire directory to there too. You need to keep the original file structure and run the core client with -datadir and -conf command line flag to specify the new path of the directory.