Bitcoin Gold Video Making contest

Bitcoin Gold Video Making Contest

Everyone is invited to participate and have a chance to win tickets to the Blockchain Life conference held Marina Bay, Singapore on 23-24 April. :singapore:
Our Co-founder Martin will represent the Bitcoin Gold project & community giving a speech to industry top speakers, funds and investors.
Winners will have the chance to meet Martin in person.

So what is this conference all about?

Blockchain Life 2019

The global forum 2019 highlights four significant topics: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, StartUps and Mining. More than 3000 people including industry top speakers, funds and investors, blockchain startups and world companies, crypto traders, developers and miners - all are going to join Blockchain Life 2019 to discuss the latest trends and ways of earning money in the crypto market.

More information about the event -> :

Among the participating companies: Listing.Help, CoinMarketCap, KuCoin, Cointelegraph, BitForex, Neo, Nem, BitBlock Capital, IvoryBay Capital, Gravitas Holding, InfiniVision, Jets Capital and other famous enterprises from all over the world.

List of speakers ->

The previous Blockchain Life forum in November 2018 attracted over 4500 guests and became one of the largest world events in the industry. In 2019 the famous hotel Marina Bay Sands welcomes 3000 participants from 70 countries around the globe in Singapore.

How does the video contest work?

  1. Participants will make and publish in youtube a short video about what they like the most about the Bitcoin Gold project.
  2. The videos links will be shared by replying this post.
  3. The Community will vote on the finalists to decide the winners.


10 Tickets to Blockchain Life conference in Singapore. There will be 5 winners which will collect 2 entrance tickets each.


  • Videos Length: from 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Format: all formats are accepted.
  • Type: Educational, Tutorials, opinions, promotional.
  • Topics: BTG Adoption, BTGPay, BTG Wallets, BTG Exchnages, BTG Ecosystem, Lightning Network, LN wallets, Plasma, Neutrino, btcd/btcsuite, Schnorr Signatures, etc
  • the theme of the video: It has to be related to the BTG project.
  • cannot contain offensive or hateful speech.
  • cannot focus on price speculation.
  • BTG Team/Staff are not eligible.

Selection Criteria

When selecting finalists, at least two members of the Bitcoin Gold Forum team will review all potential winners and select the top ten videos based on the following guidelines:

  • usefulness to the Community
  • accuracy and trustworthiness
  • number of views
  • likes (Community appreciation)
  • comments (Community engagement)

The top 10 items will be posted on our Official Twitter account and scored as follows:

  • Retweet = 3 points
  • Like = 1 point
  • We’ll give Twitter 5 days to help us decide the winning order, and then announce the winners and pay out the prizes.

That’s it!

Go ahead and put your best work forward!

Good luck, everyone!!

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This is really a great step towards digital media. I think it will work.