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Seeing how far we’ve come, it’s easy to forget that just a few days ago, we enjoyed the two-month anniversary of our Launch on November 12th, 2017. Since then, the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) coin has been listed in 46 markets on 26 exchanges and is supported by the top instant exchange platforms (ShapeShift and Changelly), which would not have been possible without our growing network of supported wallets (including top hardware wallets and a growing number of mobile and desktop wallets), as well custodial services that enable fiat exchange, such as Uphold. We’re grateful for their support, but we continue working hard and have big plans for this year.

Here at the Bitcoin Gold Organization, we’re keenly aware of the need to keep everyone apprised of what we’re doing and planning. To this end, we’ve been working on improving our communications, adding a discussion Forum for our community and launching Discord servers to improve real-time discussion. We’ve put out important updates to our core wallet software, now available on more platforms than ever before, and we’ve significantly expanded our global team, allowing us to make greater progress in a variety of avenues.

We’ll continue the focus on clarity and transparency today by sharing the latest information about our roadmap – not just our development roadmap, although that is crucial, but also plans for the project and community.

Here are some main points and target timeframes:

There’s a lot going on in a great many areas! We’ll say a few words about some of them here, but you can expect to hear more details in the weeks and months to come.


We recently released our core wallet software update and will be releasing a fork of the Electrum Wallet tailored to Bitcoin Gold shortly. We’ll also be releasing open source libraries built for BTG under BitCore, BitcoinJS, BitcoinJ, and CoPay to make it easier for developers already working with those libraries to include Bitcoin Gold in their projects. Enabling others to easily develop with Bitcoin Gold is an high priority! (We’re also actively involved in assisting many third parties with their integration of Bitcoin Gold.)

Core protocol upgrades are on the roadmap. Bech32 addresses are an improvement on the original base58 addresses used in Bitcoin; the new addresses overcome some limitations and make addresses more compatible with today’s technologies (including SegWit and QR codes) as well being more human-friendly. We’ve prioritized Bech32 because it’s an important enabler for future development, including Lightning Network.


We expect to finalize the necessary integrations to fully implement Lightning Network on BTG in Q2. Lightning Network is an exciting and groundbreaking way to enable near-instant payments with even lower fees through dedicated side channels. Because they are off the main chain, Lightning Network saves space in the blocks – but it allows huge numbers of transactions between large entities at very low cost, and these transactions are nearly instant. This is extremely appealing to large entities interested in using BTG, but who need to be confident it can scale dramatically. We’re delivering what they need.

Note that Lightning Network requires SegWit, which is already fully supported by Bitcoin Gold. It also lays the groundwork for future developments, like RSK sidechains with Smart Contracts, and cross-chain atomic swaps, which are a way for individuals to directly perform a coin swap between two different cryptocurrency chains (effectively trading some of one coin for some of another without involving an exchange or third party.)

The next quarter will also bring support for P2Pool (a decentralized approach to mining pools.) Later in the year, the roadmap includes Schnorr Signatures and Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees (MAST). Schnorr allows a frequent sender (like a bank or an exchange) to sign a hundred transactions in one batch rather than putting a hundred signatures on the blockchain. MAST are more complex, but simply put, they improve privacy and reduce the load on the blockchain when people use the scripting features already in the Bitcoin Protocol.

Transaction Privacy is an important topic. Currently, wallets and transactions on the Bitcoin Gold blockchain are pseudonymous, not anonymous – just like the original Bitcoin. Nobody can tell who owns a wallet by looking on the blockchain, but anyone can check the balance of a wallet, see where the coins came from and where they went.

There are arguments for keeping it his way – transparency and respectability, some would say. There are also arguments for true privacy. The Bitcoin Gold plan is not committed one way or the other at this point – it will be up to the community to decide which way to go in future development.

Sharing and Voting

The core improvements we’re working on are all of great interest in the broader Bitcoin and crypto worlds, not merely for Bitcoin Gold. Work we do will sometimes be applicable elsewhere, and vice-versa. We’ll also be involved in researching safe and scalable ways to address hard forks, and we’ll be working on ways to evolve smart voting mechanisms within our currency so that hard forks aren’t always necessary. This will allow us to decentralize the decision-making on questions like whether and when to add more smart contract functionality, to provide private transaction capabilities, and other topics applicable to a cryptocurrency.

Developer Community

Everyone knows development is the lifeblood of project like ours, so on top of offering bounties, we’ve directly hired more developers and are working to develop a strong community around BTG and crypto development. We’re starting a btg-dev mailing list and, to provide a structured way to handle future planning, we’ll be formalizing a Bitcoin Gold Improvement Proposal (BGIP) program.

We’re already offering bounties for people who find/fix bugs and improve core wallet features, but we’re also offering bounties for work done to enable more 3rd party services to integrate BTG more easily. We’ll keep trying to draw more developers into the community, and more eyes to our code.

The Ecosystem and Community

Many of the Development Roadmap items make clear our dedication to providing the tools service-providers need, but it’s important to note that we’re also actively involved in helping multiple providers who are working to add BTG support right now. Interested parties should continue reaching out to us. We’re also looking into ways to make it easier for Bitcoin Gold users to interact with legacy (non-crypto) systems and traditional merchants in indirect ways – for example, by providing debit card programs.

We’re getting more and more involved with Universities and Research centers doing good work and helping train the next generation of developers and crypto entrepreneurs. We’re looking forward to publishing news about sponsored hackathons and competitions, and seeing what people can create. We’ll also be supporting the growing body of researchers working to create decentralized fiat-crypto brokerage networks.

On top of all that, we’re also continuing to expand the base of crypto enthusiasts and independent developers by sponsoring meetups and conferences. We’ve started a worldwide ambassador program which we’ve begun to roll out even as it evolves.

We’re dedicated to continuing all of this work – supporting the code Development, the Ecosystem, and the Community – over the long term. Our ability to execute and fund these endeavors will, of course, depend on the future value of our Endowment, but the community can rest assured that we’re doing our best to be good stewards of those funds. We’re always conscious of our responsibility to preserve value for the future while remembering that it’s necessary to spend today in order to fund the work that leads to that future value!

On top of all that, we’re also trying to spend a little time to improve our branding and website. It may seem trivial to some, but better design assets and a cleaner website really do make it easier for novices to become comfortable with new technologies, driving adoption. Introducing more people to the crypto world is an important part of our mission, and will help continue the growth our industry enjoyed in 2017.

Here’s to a great 2018 for Bitcoin Gold, for the crypto world, and to our whole fantastic community!

Always looking forward,
The Bitcoin Gold Organization

Roadmap - what's next?
Why the roadmap should be made

This post will go up as a Blog Post on our website after the DDoS attack has subsided, or after our systems team stands up enough additional redundancy to mitigate the attack, whichever comes first.

Attacking a website can’t stop a decentralized system or a dedicated community!



Please tell me if this announcement is fake.


We have no relationship with kryptocal.

That having been said, you’re posting in a real discussion Topic about a real Announcement.


Thank you for your answer.^^


This looks super, thanks! I know that you can’t point fingers without hard evidence, but I would REALLY REALLY like to know exactly WHO is behind the DDoS attacks, the fake websites, the corrupted files and so on. I hope that you are able to get to the bottom of that mystery.


I am glad to be helpful! But since I do not know much and am a commoner, I can not tell the truth of the mystery … I hope someone who is smart can help me.


Roadmap released after Shapeshift listing.
It was worth the wait :slight_smile:


Any plans for btg miners in 2018??


Any updates about bitcoinJ libraries? Can we see it when Q1 ends? as a java dev, looking forward to it , but i can’t find any relevant project in your github page:
As electrum BTG project is updated frequently.


I hop that BTG exceed 1,900$ this year :slight_smile:


Sorry but BitcoinJ is still in the early stage. We have started working on it but didn’t made many progress. However I’d invite you to check our new library: bitcoingoldjs-lib. It’s the fork of bitcoinjs-lib but supports BTG.


This post is a little late but still relevant to the topic.

  • David McNeal, Crypto-Writer / BTG Supporter

Bitcoin Gold

“Bitcoin Gold aims to make Bitcoin mining decentralized again.”

By differing from Bitcoin’s proof-of-work SHA256 to Equihash algorithm, everyday miners using GPUs can mine Bitcoin Gold. Even though the GPU mining market is competitive and varies, Bitcoin Golds block difficulty adjusts every to compensate for these fluctuations.

Anyone who has spare computing power can profit by dedicating it to Bitcoin Gold mining. This is the concept that earned the trust of the most loyal community the crypto world may ever see. The community who supported Bitcoin believing in what founder Satoshi Nakamoto had envisioned.

They began mining in hopes that one-day Bitcoin would grow to be a decentralized electronic cash system operating on a peer to peer network.

Almost 10 years in the future Bitcoin is larger than ever, but the dream that founder envisioned has fallen short of a decentralized electronic cash system.

The bitcoin network has been overtaken by ASIC mining farms— Data centers devoted to mining by using many ASIC devices. The top ASIC device mines at about 13.5TH/s vs the top GPU at 36.48MH/s. At this rate, it’s impossible to profit from mining bitcoin using a home computer, even with the best hardware.

Cryptocurrency was not intended to be a wall street gambling game, nor a corporate muscle machine. Bitcoin Gold aims to reignite the dream which united Satoshi’s loyal following and empower the democratic dream in cryptocurrency again.

With the support of a strong base community and the team of developers, Bitcoin Gold is looking forward to an exciting future and has many great plans for 2018.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Bitcoin Gold has expanded their global team by directly hiring more developers and are always working to build a stronger community. A server on Discord has been opened as “a place we can talk” about the progress and future of Bitcoin Gold. Bitcoin Gold has emphasized the importance of remaining transparent in it’s communication about decision making.

Bitcoin Gold aims to decentralize the decision-making process. Plans are underway to develop safe and scalable ways to address hard forks, like adding smart voting mechanisms into the blockchain so that hard forks aren’t always necessary.

These developments will provide a democratic process for making decisions like whether and when to add additional smart contract functionality, private transaction capabilities, and other topics applicable to a cryptocurrency. It will be up to the community to decide which way to go in the future development of Bitcoin Gold.

Bitcoin Gold core Wallet version was released on Jan. 7 2018
Some exciting changes were made to the Bitcoin Gold core wallet.

Built with Gitian deterministic build system for release security*

  • • Added support for arm servers
  • • Added support for macros
  • • Added support for raspberry-pi
  • • Renamed config file from conf to bitcoingold.conf
  • • UI improvements
  • • Replaced bitcoin icon on all platforms
  • • Better build script & code cleanup
  • • Removed harmful -bootstrap flag to improve the stability of p2p network (replaced with dat file)

Bitcoin Gold is now listed on 46 markets on 26 exchanges!

Bitcoin Gold is now on Exodus!

AS OF JANUARY 19, 2017, Bitcoin Gold Has Been Enabled In Exodus— a multi-asset desktop platform. It’s designed to provide secure wallets, live charts, and built-in integration of ShapeShift.
ShapeShift is an easy, safe, and competitive leading instant digital asset exchange. It supports dozens of blockchain tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Gold. Trade any leading blockchain asset for any other. Users do not have to create accounts, deposit funds, or provide private personal information. This keeps the users safe from identity or financial theft – a critical improvement in exchange technology. The company has a strict “No Fiat” policy, meaning it does not use banks or political currencies anywhere in its operations.

Changelly from the team that developed MinerGate!

Changelly has one of the longest track records on the crypto market. It’s known for being the fair, fast, and trust exchange for exchanging cryptocurrency.

Uphold Instant & Low Cost, Transparent, Global, Innovative fiat exchange.

Uphold is a cloud-based digital money platform. It enables users to buy, hold, convert and transact across 30+ currencies and commodities, including 6 cryptocurrencies.

A fork of the Electrum wallet is in development and expected to be released soon.

Electrum is a forgiving cold storage desktop wallet, your private keys are encrypted and never leave your computer. Your funds can be recovered from a “seed” or secret phrase in the unfortunate case that you lose your private key or access to your local storage. It’s one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets due to the security, safety, and speed it offers. Electrum wallet is a decentralized platform, so you’ll never have to worry about server downtime.

Hyundai Pay will be adding Bitcoin Gold support to their hardware wallet and platform this month!

The BTG team has released a Bitcoin Gold 2018 Roadmap!

The 2018 Roadmap sets out a plan of action to be executed of the next 12 months and beyond, including the redesign and rebranding of a refreshed website, setting the planned release to be before March 31st. Many other exciting updates were announced as well!
Bitcoin Gold is being integrated with BitCore this month and many more open source libraries soon!
•* BitCore— A powerful, modular node for bitcoin and blockchain-based apps.

  • • BitcoinJS —Modern Node.js server and client software written in pure JavaScript.
  • • BitcoinJ— A Java library that allows the use of any JVM compatible language like Python and JavaScript.
  • • CoPay— A library for creating multi-signature wallets. Copay users can hold funds individually or share finances securely with other users with multi-signature wallets

Bech 32 next generation address’s will be implemented in February!

Bech32 has been made a key priority because it’s an important enabler for future development, including Lightning Network which should be integrated into Q2 - sometime between April 1st and June 31st.

The Lightning Network is an off-chain payment processor that will enable instant payments to take place between users without fully committing these transactions to the blockchain, this is expected to revolutionize the blockchain and will enable it to compete with centralized payment processors like Visa and Mastercard.

Other plans for Q2 include
•* P2Pool “a decentralized approach to mining pools”,

  • • Schnorr Signatures which allows a hundred transactions in one batch rather than putting a hundred signatures on the blockchain.
  • • Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees (MAST)— a more complex but great way to “improve privacy and reduce the load on the blockchain”

The Bitcoin Gold team continues to offer bounties for people who find/fix bugs and improve core wallet features, as well as bounties for work done to enable more 3rd party services to integrate with Bitcoin Gold more easily. It is expected the Bitcoin Gold Improvement Proposal (BGIP) program will be formally announced soon!

The BTG team announced in the 2018 Roadmap that they want to contribute in “helping train the next generation of developers and crypto entrepreneurs” and “Introducing more people to the crypto world is also an important part of our mission.”

The team is also open to new ideas and are looking for more ways to get involved with University and Research including plans their plans to sponsor hackathons, competitions, meetups, and conferences in the near future.

Also, that they are in the beginning stages of starting a worldwide ambassador program.

This certainly gives us an exciting year of events updates to look forward to, with plenty of decisions being left up to the community to make, as it should be!


thanks for the update, but i am only familiar with java. it’s really a huge work to do for a newly born coin project to support all kinds of language api.


Good luck with the roadmap